Small Victory Saturday

Hey guys! It's been another really tough week but I'm here and still plugging away. Things haven't gotten any easier yet but I'm taking things one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time. Here's what I feel good about this week:

- I got through my gastric emptying study! Yay!

- I hung out with my neighbor and finally took the pink hair plunge. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time now, and I'm glad I finally worked up the nerve to do it. I had wanted it to be a bright vibrant pink (like, hot magenta) that would fade over time with some dark brown on top, but it turned out more of a highlighter color and all my previously dark brown hair turned a golden brown/ blonde and I actually like it a lot!

- Yesterday I felt a little better in the morning so I deep cleaned the bathroom. I even took a bunch of stuff from the bathroom and put it through the dishwasher because I am a little obsessed with putting things in the dishwasher. With the amount of time I spend laying on the bathroom floor it was good to get it all cleaned.

- Due to me putting things in the dishwasher I also had to unload the dishwasher twice! Sorry guys but seriously, it's the little things.

- Today I was feeling a little better so I decided to stop by my MIL's thrift store. She is going out of business and told me to come by and grab whatever I wanted, so I stopped by and ended up helping out too for a few hours. This is the first time I've left the house by myself in a few weeks (due to not having a car and being sick) so this was a biggie! Unfortunately I'm not feeling very good again now, so it'll be back to the bathroom, but I'm glad I at least got out for a little. Tomorrow we have tickets for Monster Jam so I'm hoping I will feel better for that!

I hope your week was good as well!


  1. Glad you had some good moments in your week! Hopefully it all gets better soon!!

  2. Hey, it's the little things indeed! I hate emptying the damn dishwasher too lol

    Yay for new hair and getting out for a bit! Did you end up finding anything cool at the store?

    I hope that you're feeling better and that you have fun at monster jam!!


    1. I did find these three ceramic pumpkins that were brand new from Hobby Lobby that will look really cute on Halloween. Not that I need any more Halloween decorations but I couldn't resist! And I picked up lots of baby clothes for a friend which was good.
      Monster Jam was awesome for the hour I was there! Unfortunately I got sick and had to speed home, but the lightrail runs directly from the Pepsi Center so N and R are still there and I didn't ruin it for them!

    2. Ooh nice finds! I have waay too many Halloween decorations too, but how can you say no?? Aww I'm sorry that you got sick, but thank goodness for a good light rail system. We have one in Phoenix but it only runs from Tempe (where the college is) to the worst part of downtown Phoenix. I don't know who planned it, but they SUCK! hahah