So What Wednesdays

Today I'm linking up with Life After I "Dew" and saying so what if...
 - I'm late the link up this week but the fact that I had the energy to do this is definitely an accomplishment for me right now!

- I took Hank to the dog park today since it was a balmy 46 degrees (practically flip flop weather) and felt weird about being out without R. My mom has been watching her during the day a few days a week for the past few weeks while I work through my medication switch and this damned Gastroparesis (post on that coming later), and it's been nice but I've missed her. I wish I could say the same about her- she is living it up with her Gigi!

- Hank has been dirty and gross for a few weeks now, and got over the edge disgusting at the dog park today because it was so muddy. It's too much to bathe him here now that he's over 100lbs and we have one tiny bathroom and tub, so I made him an appointment for a bath and brush at PetSmart but it's not until tomorrow. We have a stinky night ahead of us!

- I have a BzzAgent campaign I need to finish in order to post about but I've been too sick to go to the grocery store. Uggh. I need to go later this week because:

- I am using my Disney Side party kit to help a friend with her baby shower! I am planning on making cupcakes and cookies (I got cupcake liners and cookie cutters in my kid) and I'll need to go to the store to get mix for both.

- Speaking of sweets, N got both the cookie dough and rice crispy Oreos at the store and despite my stomach hating me I tried both. The cookie dough is just too chocolatey between the chocolate chips and the actual cookie, and the filling just tasted like brown sugar. It wasn't gross per say, but I'm good with only eating one and not having any more. The rice crispy one was surprisingly good! It tasted mostly like a golden (vanilla) Oreo but with a yummy crisp in the middle. They were worth a try and now I want to try the lemon ones!

- I was already spoiled on Facebook for the first Olympic hockey game and I am PISSED. You would think that both the Avalanche organization and the NHL would be better about using a spoiler alert or something. ANNOYING.

- I am jamming out to a song by my favorite band Taking Back Sunday and just had to post some of the lyrics to my Facebook. The song may be about a girl cheating on her boyfriend and relates to my life in exactly no ways, but I am loving it.
- I take so many creeper pics of N and R sleeping whenever she's sleeping in our bed and they look cute. I don't think N is embarrassed which is good because I am going to keep doing it! ;)

(Ok maybe I have a problem...)

I've got some more posts to work on so until next time!


  1. Aww the pics are so sweet. I love that R is sleeping holding her books too :)

    I feel you on the smelly dog issues.. I need to make an appointment for Lori STAT.


    1. Her crib is filled with books and she ends up sleeping on top of them all the time! It looks so uncomfortable but she screams if we move them so I guess that's just how it has to be, haha! And Hank smells so much better today! It was way more than I should have spent but it was worth it. Now I don't want to take the poor thing back to the dog park because I don't want him to get dirty again!

  2. A girl after my own heart, I wanna sleep on a pile of books too lol. It's like princess and the pea, but a million times better.

    Seriously, why is grooming sooo pricy? Hank should be happy that he gets to go at all! Poor Lori is deprived because I'm a little paranoid with her health. One of my friends took his dog to the dog park often and the dog ended up getting so sick that it almost died a couple times :-/. I worry a lot... ha

  3. Haha I totally do creeper pics of Ben and Allie. Also, I tried the cookie dough Oreos, too, and I'm not a fan. Tastes like coffee. I do love the lemon, though!