Datevitation Review

When Amanda at My Show had a giveaway for a Datevitation booklet, I knew I had to enter in hopes of being able to finally (for the first time in our 7 years together!) give N something more than just a card for Valentine's Day. When I won I was so excited and set to making and ordering my book right away. It ended up shipping just two days after I made it and arrived only a few days later!

I won't give a detailed review of the process, but suffice it to say that there are a TON of dates to choose from (over 500), you can edit the text on all the pages, make your own custom pages, and more! You can personalize books for your significant other, friend, or even child! I especially appreciated how you could add in your own faces. It took the whole thing from silly to ridiculous- in a good way.

In addition to regular dates, they also had a "foreplay" and "x-rated" section that was one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. You need to go to their site just to see some of those cartoons. Of course, being the middle school boy that I am, I had to order a couple of them. I have NO intention of actually using them, I'm just not like that, but they will be a good joke. Sorry not sorry!

Here are some pictures from my book:


The booklet came in this adorable resealable envelope. I was glad I could peek at it myself before giving it to N.

I've always wanted to go go-karting. This is for N's benefit. Really it is. It is!


One of N's favorite activities is 4 wheeling, and even though he doesn't have a rock crawler anymore he can still do less insane trails with his Wagoneer (well, when it doesn't have a hole in the transfer case that is.) He always bitches that I hate 4 wheeling (meh) and don't want to go with him (meh), so here he goes- a "promise" I'll go with him. One day... And as long as it doesn't involve camping!

I think my parents are getting him tickets to an Avs game for his birthday that is coming up in a little over a week so bam two birds with one stone! Or something like that.

Ok, here is an "inappropriate" one- don't say I didn't warn you!


I added the "hahaha" in myself. There are just no other words.

I am so happy with the way this book turned out and I want to give one more thanks to Amanda at My Show for helping me to make this happen! :)



  1. How cool, I love your book!!


  2. I love that Nate's the one with the whipped cream on his titties!

  3. Hahahh I love this!!! That last one cracks me up!!