An update in bullet points:

- N cleaned and put up my Valentines decorations for me last week but I've been too sick to get pictures yet. Hopefully I will get pictures and put them up before Valentine's Day actually happens, haha.

- I had my gastric emptying study on Monday. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be (the radioactive eggs were surprisingly edible!) but I started having a panic attack around hour 2 of 4, and N had to drop R off with my mom and come sit with me at the hospital for the last 2 hours. I had to sit out in the waiting room the entire time (they had me come in at hours 1, 2 and 4 for xrays) and that stunk.

Radioactive, Radioactive...
 - I was supposed to find out the results of said study today, but I came down with a GI bug so I had to reschedule for Monday. That is a double whammy of suck right there you guys.

- My mom took R to dance today and then took her back to their house- where she proceeded to find that R was burning up with a fever! She's gotten random fevers before so I'm hoping that's what it is. R ate lunch and then took a long nap but woke up with an even higher fever. She's still at my mom's house and even though I am, ahem, toilet-bound with my own bug I just want my baby home so I can take care of her!

- Although my car is still completely and utterly dead (ok just the transmission but still), N got the motor in the other Commander last week and it is drivable! We even got it detailed because the previous owner traveled to a lot of oil and natural gas sites and the inside of that car was completely covered in dirt! It's a little nicer than my car (although it is a year older and has more miles on everything but the motor now) but I'm not sure if I could sell my car and keep this one instead. I'm way too nostalgic. We'll see though. ;)

- I'm still having withdrawals, and have now been completely off the Lexapro for over two weeks. It's finally safe for me to get back on the MAOI that I was on before getting pregnant, and hopefully N will be able to pick it up tonight so I can start it tomorrow. I had a phone appointment with my psychiatrist today, and yes, it had to take place in the bathroom. -_-

- It has been ridiculously cold here lately with lots of snow. I'm talking negatives and single digits all day long. But you know who doesn't care at all? Hank! He has wanted to be outside all day, and when I finally got him to come in after hours in the 5 degree weather his black coat was actually warm to the touch! I'm over this cold though. In fact, I wouldn't mind skipping Spring and going straight to Summer!

- Oh and guess what? I DYED MY HAIR PINK. Yup.

Makeup courtesy of the Beauty365 app because my life is a hot mess.


  1. love the hair! :) and i hope you find out that everything is ok with the testing :)


    1. Thank you! I was hoping for it to come out dark, hot pink but now it's a bronde (apparently that's a thing!) with pastel pink. I actually think it's quite pretty! Not sure my mom agrees though. ;)

  2. Ah pink hair! Fun! I am so sorry you've been so sick. Radioactive eggs.. yikes. (Now the song is stuck in my head!)

    1. Thank you! And just typing this post got that song stuck in my head too, haha!

  3. Love the pink hair!! also- radioactive eggs?? Thank God that that is over. Sorry you didn't get to find out the results yet =/. Are you rescheduled for this Monday! Fingers crossed that you can finally get some answers.


    1. Thank you! And yup I am scheduled for tomorrow! I got sick again today (during Monster Jam, isn't that swell?!) but I am determined to make it tomorrow come hell or high water!!

  4. I hope that you get your news- and I hope that it's good news at that! :)