Subscriptions: Skoshbox February 2014 Review



Vanilla Roll Cake: The description card said this roll cake had a butter cream filling, but it was definitely flavored like strawberries (hence the packaging as well.) This was really delicious.

Takenoko/ Kinokono Yama: There were just little biscuits covered in chocolate. The design was really cute and they tasted good, but there were only three in the pack which sort of felt like a rip-off.

Mini Baumroll: This was... interesting... It was some kind of roll cake and I think it had a green tea coating (it was an... interesting shade of green) and I swear I also tasted some kind of seaweed somewhere in there. I didn't spit it out, but I wouldn't eat it again. The aftertaste reminds me of what pumpkin guts smell like. :/ (This wasn't listed on the info card so I'm not sure if it was left off as a mistake or it was put in as an extra. Either way I'll take it!)


Fruit Candies in Peach and Grape: I ate the peach one and it was very delicious. Why don't we have more peach flavored stuff here in the US? It's one of my favorites. Anyway, this was a basic hard candy but good.

Konbu Ume Jelly: Well I didn't spit this out either, but now that the aftertaste has hit me I wish I would have. It tastes like a dirty ocean. Grosss.

Milk Mint Candy: Ok this was weird. It was a hard candy and a mint, but there was a distinct milk flavor to it. I don't like milk, and I'm not the biggest fan of mint, so I didn't love this but it wasn't as gross as you'd think.

Aero Chocolate: The info card says this is "a Japanese version of the Bubbly Chocolate from the UK" but it's definitely available here in American so it's kind of a bummer not to get something more interesting. I'm not a fan of these chocolates (and pictures of the inside gross me out for some reason), but I was glad to get the taste of dirty ocean jelly candy and milk mint out of my mouth.

Senbei Mix: I love these types of savory cracker mixes, and always buy a big bag at Costco. However I was eating this mix and realized it tasted a little more fishy than I'm used to. Undeterred I kept eating until I pulled out this little sliver of something. Um, turns out it was a tiny dried fish eyeballs and all! Ahhhhh! I don't know if I can finish this now. :X

Ume Cha Pickled Plum Tea: Yeah I don't think so you tricky Skoshbox people! I almost had to lick a bar of soap after trying last month's pickled plum jelly- there is no way I'm going near this. The packet sure is cute though. Maybe my mom will be brave enough to try it?

Strawberry Senbei: Another month another couple wafers of senbei! This month I could taste the flavoring more and I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either.


  1. Pickled plum?
    This makes me want to try this, except for fish eyes. When I lived in Portland there was Hong Kong market which was so much fun to shop. Can't read anything, so everything is a mystery and surprise and also contains plenty of Engrish! So fun! Vrisp and tastey.

    1. Omg girl those little fish almost made me throw up when I saw them! Also, how did I not know you lived in Portland?! So cool! We have Asian markets around here, I should really hit some up to try and find some of the tastier snacks.

  2. You are so much more of an adventurous eater than I am.. "dirty ocean" and fish eyeballs freak me out-even just reading about them! I don't think that I could handle that box. haha


    1. Hahaha yeah if you're not into seaweed it's definitely not the best box for you! I usually don't mind it but sometimes it's just wayyy too much!