Our Valentie's Day Decorations


Although I wanted to do a lot more crafting this year (crafts fall of the list first when you're sick), I let the siren song of Target call me to it's holiday aisle and for the first time decorated our house for Valentine's Day! I've always been a V-Day fan, it always meant flowers and candy from my parents and I LOVE candy, and now it's fun to include R in the festivities. The first time N bought he a valentine gift my heart completely melted. I also love the excuse to indulge in reds, pinks, and hearts galore! Here's what I've got up this year:

(Details on that garland in another post!)


I had originally bought this cute heart runner for the kitchen table, but I realized as soon as I got the placemats on that there just wasn't any room. I didn't know what to do with this until I realized it fit perfectly on our console table! I wanted to get fresh flowers in the milk glass urn but haven't been to the store in awhile.


I have every intention of making my own garland for the fireplace and then I saw this at Target and knew it was perfect. I think the font and colors are too cute, and I also love that it says something other than "Happy Valentines Day" so I could make another mini-garland to add to my new boxwood wreath (with supplies also found from Target.) I put up a bunch of new owls, but they're mostly living there until I can find a new place for them. Same with the votive holders.

I ordered this vase from Zulily a few months ago and in true Zulily fashion I just got it a few weeks ago. I think it works perfectly for Valentine's Day but it's definitely something that will stay up all year. Well, until Halloween. Because shit gets real during Halloween.

N thinks these plates are ridiclious, but they're sparkly and we're like $2 each so there really was no choice but for me to buy them. I would have rather gotten "classier" looking plates (i.e. not plastic) like the one the flowers are sitting on, but I couldn't find any. Aren't these placemats the cutest though? Target just blows it out of the ballpark.

These flowers were from my Halloween bug bouquet but I liked the arrangement so much (and lord they were expensive enough!) that I am going to keep them out all year sans bugs (until we get back to Halloween of course.) I love fresh flowers the most of course, but I'm definitely on a faux floral kick.

And of course I couldn't resist these sweet matching dish towels. I've already told you I have a Target problem, right? Well I have a Target Problem.

Hopefully next year I'll be able to do some more crafts and make things look even more festive, but I'm happy with the way things look for now!


  1. Ahhh love everything!! I can't wait for all the Valentine's stuff to go on clearance so I can go snatch it all up! I have issues lol

    1. Oh girl me either! There was so much other stuff I wanted but I was like, ok I will just wait for next year. It's an obsession!

  2. Too dang cute! I have a target problem too.. but don't we all? I am IN LOVE with the tree vase, that is the best! I'm gonna have to see if I can find something similar for us :)


    1. Target problems are a great equalizer, hahaha. And the company that made the vases is this shop on Etsy! http://www.etsy.com/shop/braggingbags Even without the Zulily discount the prices are still pretty good and omg look at all that wedding stuff! I wish I had know about this shop for my wedding! *dies*

  3. Thanks for the link.. you may have just created a monster though! Soo much cute stuff :)