Our Life: Denver Monster Jam 2014

R, a direct clone (in personality) of her father N, is obsessed with monster trucks and has been for a long time. It was love from the first time we bought her first die cast, and she loves driving her (many) monster trucks all over this sweet Calico Critters playset. Last year she was a bit too young for Monster Jam (we had learned our lesson at the drag track), but this year I knew she was going to be in it- or at least, hopefully into it- sitting still isn't exactly her strong suit.

This morning I woke up not feeling so great but was determined to go anyway. I loaded myself up on nausea meds and all was ok for the first 30 minutes and then I started to get the intestinal cramps from hell with those always lovely hot waves of nausea. I made it to the bathroom once and then decided to book it back home. Luckily there is a lightrail that goes straight from the Pepsi Center to a station near our house, so I got to race the car back myself (dreaming of driving it over the other, smaller, cars I was passing) and N and R took the train. I was sad I had to duck out early, but I'm glad that I got to be there even for a short amount of time to watch R go completely wide-eyed and speechless at what she was seeing. And I was glad my illness didn't have to ruin it for everyone else!


The lineup also included Mohawk Warrior and Barbarian.

R was just in awe!

I should have taken these in sport mode but I thought they were neat either way. It's crazy to think we usually watch a hockey game on that surface!

Superman crashed!

We watched the video of Max-D doing a double backflip last night so R was super pumped to see him out there today!

This perfectly describes how she feels about me taking pictures of her.

But she forgot about it in her excitement soon after.

Bounty Hunter crashed too and let's be honest- the crashes are the best part of the show.

The quad competition was "Team Denver" vs. "Team Seattle" and (was probably scripted so that) Team Seattle won the first two heats to draw the ire of the crowd before a big comeback. Let's just say the Seattle part was a bit too soon for most of the crowd.

Obligatory Grave Digger shot. You're either team GD or you're not, and I am not.

N knows this so guess who came home with a GD plush? N didn't realize the train he needed didn't run to the Pepsi Center station on the weekends and it was 45 minutes of standing in the cold until he realized he needed to get on a different train and then switch at a different station. I felt horrible and guilty but he said R did great and loved riding on the "choo choo" with him! The day may not have been a win for me but it was for her and that's all that matters!


  1. So sorry you got sick & didn't get to stay! That sucks :(

    1. Yeah it was a big bummer- especially the drive home, haha. I haven't been going out in public much for this very reason but I'm glad I at least got to see a little of it!

  2. Aww that looks like it was such a fun event! I'm glad that you got to enjoy a little bit of it at least :) Definitely too soon for the Seattle bit.. uhg!


    1. Me too! And yes, that was way too soon. There were some pretty upset people in the crowd, haha!