Throwback: R's Second Birthday


When the NHL locked out for the first half of the 2012-2013 Denver lucked out by getting a brand new minor league team- the Denver Cutthroats. We bought an 8 pack of tickets (for less than we'd spend on two Avs tickets) and went to a few other games as well. It's not the same as NHL hockey by any means, but we had a lot of fun, and R was officially dubbed the cutest Cutthroats fan ever. Because of this we decided to have a Cutthroats themed party, and switched things up by having it at an indoor play place called Monkey Business. We had been to a party there before and were really impressed with what it included. We had a lot of fun but spent way too much money!

Her face in this is priceless, but she actually had a blast on that slide. (As you can see we lost the crown and tutu pretty quickly.)

Her favorite thing ever though is jumping castles!

She stole one of her cousin's hats for awhile.

Reg and her beloved Gigi (my mom)!

We couldn't have a Cutthroats party without Gill the mascot coming! R was in LOVE with Gill at the games so we knew she'd love seeing him even more than she loved seeing Bernie at her first game. I had no idea a child could love a mascot so much! She doesn't really remember him now since we haven't been to a game in a year which makes me sad, but we'll see him again!

Pure excitement!

(Yes, I really wanted her in the tutu and crown for pictures! I'm so mean!)

As souvenirs for the kids I made custom hockey pucks (with stickers) for Gill to sign. Then all the kids got a plastic case to put the pucks in.

She was over the moon but of course did not want to actually pose for any pictures. She's my daughter in that regard!


Oh I have so many pictures of me as a child with this same look. What am I going to do with her?!

(If you're wondering if it's possible for me to take a picture that doesn't look completely terrible/ awkward the answer is no!)

The worst part about having her party at this place was that they only allowed us to order pizza from a specific restaurant- the grossest one in town. All things considered it wasn't too bad, but it's not something I would EVER order with my own free will.

Last year we made the much smarter decision to do mini cupcakes from Gigis instead of the big ones. They were just as good, plenty fillin, and way cheaper. I'm not sure if we'll do cupcakes from them again this year but they certainly are delicious!

Even with R's sour face I love this picture of her and my mom!

Still loving balloons!


  1. she's so cute! and looks so much like you! I also really like the personalized tshirts for each year that's a great idea! :D


    1. Thank you! It's so funny because she looks like a 100% mix of my little sister and I when we were her age, and she has my husbands personality (and energy level) to a T! I love the shirts too. My husband thought it was excessive to need a special birthday shirt but hey she wears it for the whole next year!

  2. She is adorable!! I love all her facial expressions!

    1. Haha she really is so expressive! Her hilarious expressions started as a baby, I'll have to do a post about that!

  3. PLEASE! I love the family picture of y'all with the mascot, you certainly can too take a decent picture! haha. annnnd I have the same expression (as R) on my face in like 90% of all of young pictures.. can't win them all I guess. :-)

    You seriously throw the best parties though- I love you favor idea :-) And can I ask where you got her tutu's? Did you make them? I've been looking for one for my niece and they all look so dinky online..


    1. Hahaha thank you! And oh man so did I! I have a picture of me looking just as grumpy as she does in the one mascot pic, it's so funny!