Tuesday Troubles/ Thoughts

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
I'm alive!

- Ok to start out, R is on my lap right now and is demanding to listen to Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball OVER AND OVER! This all started when she caught me watching the video for the first time (I was curious!) and now she is obsessed with the song. She tries to sing it which is pretty cute, and it's not quite as annoying as her other obsession What Does The Fox Say but uggh.
- It's been two weeks on my new medication and on Sunday I upped my dose to two pills (from one.) I had been getting heart palpitations on one pill but they weren't very bad so I figured it was ok to follow my doctor's advice and increase my dose after a week. Well for the past three days I have gotten CRAZY palpitations and generally felt like hell. This morning I had crazy palpitations, and was shaking and sweating so I took my blood pressure- 150/97! This is super high for me and I was really worried it was going to keep climbing and send me into a hypertensive crisis. Luckily I was able to force myself to fall asleep again and I woke up feeling better. I'm not sure if I should keep taking two pills and hope this goes away (my doctor said it probably would) or go back to one immediately. I was really hoping this transition would be easier.
- Our iPad charger stopped working and I need to go to the Apple store to get a new one. That is on my list of favorite activities right under gouging my eyes out with a plastic spoon.
- My mom isn't here to help out this week because she's in Costa Rica! So far I've felt better enough where this isn't an issue, and lord knows she needs a break, but this is a trouble because they're in Costa Rica without me! They started taking cool vacations after I graduated high school and I'm definitely jealous. I've never been anywhere tropical before (closest I've been was Disney World so not close at all) and I'm hoping my parents take us to Hawaii one day. ;)
- I had a post about Gastroparesis written up but never got around to finishing it and posting it. I still intend on putting it up sooner than later but I thought I'd let y'all know that my radioactive egg test did come back abnormal and my doctor wanted me to go one more month on medication to see what my symptoms did in order to decide what surgery I should get. I go back for that consult in less than a month and I'm nervous!

- About a month ago R asked to wear my rings (I have one engagement ring and two wedding bands) and like an idiot I obliged. We were just sitting in the office/ playroom but somehow she managed to lose one of my wedding bands and I still haven't found it despite tearing every room upstairs upside down. It just couldn't be anywhere else but I have no idea where it is! I'm super bummed out.

- (Warning, hardcore FWP) N hasn't looked at my car yet so I've been driving the other Commander that he put a new motor in that we planned to fix and flip. It's a year older than my car and has more miles (on the car, not the new motor) but it's nicer inside and even has a sunroof! N said I could keep it and we could sell my car, but I'm so sentimental I just don't think I can do it! My car is like a child to me! Ok not really, but I feel very affectionate towards it (when it's not broken.)
P.S. I finally got the courage to re-dye my hair by myself and one jar of Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink later:

(Please excuse the weird face I always seem to make in selfies.) My hair is practically neon in real life and it's so cool looking! N has gotten used to it (he's not really one for crazy things) and R is obsessed. She demanded that she get pink hair too so I bought her a pink clip-in extension which she loves. She can wait until high school to dye her hair and then do whatever she wants. You're only young once!


  1. I'm loving the hair :) I'd also take wrecking ball on repeat over that stupid fox song any day.. how did that dumb ass song get so popular??

    Did ya call your doc about the pills? High bp & extreme heart paps sound scary :/ I hope that you keep feeling better.


    1. Thank you! It is pretty shocking in real life because it's so bright, haha. I keep catching myself in the mirror and being like WTF? It's weird seeing myself like this but I like it, haha!
      And yeah I called my doc and he said to do what I'm comfortable with. He thinks that the palps and BP rise will go away sooner than later as my body adjusts to the dose. I'm going to give it at least one more day to see if that makes a difference. :/

    2. I love shocking myself in the mirror! haha. I've been blonde (with various "natural" and not natural colors mixed in) forever and a couple years ago I went all red. Soo hard to get used to!
      Aww, did it get better I hope??!

    3. It hasn't yet unfortunately. I haven't taken it the past two days but I need to start again. I called my doc and asked him if he could write me a script for the name brand stuff (which I will be ordering from Canada for $60 as the generic version cost me $250!) and hopefully that will help a little. :/

  2. I LOVE YOUR PINK HAIR! Seriously, so fun. I'm sorry for all of your troubles, particularly the health probs and losing a wedding band! There's always something to keep life hard, huh?

    1. Thanks lady! :) And yeah there always is isn't there?!