Our Life: Avanalnche vs. Sharks 3.29.14

I was going to post this under "Small Victory Saturday" because it was definitely a victory, but I was so busy the rest of the day I never got around to it. Anyway, a few weeks ago one of my friends from high school contacted me and said she had two great tickets to this Avalanche game that she was trying to get rid of because she had box tickets she wanted to use. N works on Saturdays and I wasn't sure if he'd be able to get off so I asked her how much she wanted and to my surprise she said I could have them for free! I was stunned!

Unfortunately N wasn't able to get off work because the other full time employee at his shop was on vacation and Saturdays are very busy days for them, and I had no idea what to do. I asked my mom and she said she didn't want to go (thanks!), and with the way my stomach has been lately I had no idea how I'd feel or if I'd panic. The last time N and I went to a game a few weeks ago I was having non-stop panic attacks from nausea. I wanted to use the tickets myself though and it came to me that I should take R! Now this was actually an even more stressful decision because R is kind of crazy. We haven't taken her to an Avs game in 2 years because we like to be able to relax during games (well, as much as the Avs let us!) but I decided she was old enough and that I'd bring the iPad just in case.

She ended up doing pretty well for her age and the fact that 99% of the time she is kind of a pain. The first period was rough because she was hungry and the jersey she wanted to wear was way too big for her and very uncomfortable. During the first intermission we got her a new jersey and some Dip N Dots and all was well! As silly as it sounds (I feel like so much of what I say sounds so ridiclious!) this was a huge accomplishment. A few years ago driving downtown by myself and going to a game by myself (much less with an unruly toddler) would have been completely off the table due to anxiety. But even with my stomach condition I went and I am SO glad we did.

Guess where the seats were? RIGHT behind the home bench next to the player tunnel so we were able to get some hand slaps between periods! :D And we even got on TV again!




  1. That's so awesome, go Lauren!! I love the manicure too :-)


    1. It's funny how anxiety takes something normal people just do into a major accomplishment. I'm glad I did it! And thank you!

    2. It is funny... but I guess it's better to be thankful for all the small things, right? :-) Or that's what I try telling myself