Subscriptions: Citrus Lane March 2014 Review


Petit Collage Beginner Puzzle Set: R has gotten quite a few puzzles from Citrus Lane and I always appreciate them, even though she's still not quite at the point where she can do them herself. N has a puzzle app on his phone that she's a pro at but real life puzzles? Nope! Oh technology.

Weleda Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion: I want to like this but I just don't. It smells like chemicals and is pretty greasy. I'll try and give it to my mom but I doubt she'll want it either.

Me4Kidz Medi Buddy: This is a really cute idea. We have a tub in our car with emergency supplies for R (pull ups, underwear, a change of clothes, etc.) and this will go perfectly in it. Especially since Hank recently ate our car first aid kit.

Eco-Kids Eco-Dough: This is a great dough with a great consistencey. R took these in her room and didn't play with them but I noticed the next day that she hadn't screwed the lids back on. But the dough was still completely moist! That gets an A+ by me!


  1. Yay for "playdough" that doesn't dry out! It seems like its almost a one time use toy for a lot of kids.. ha


    1. I know! I've bought it for her before and it was definitely one time use. This stuff is way nicer!