Sunday Social

1. Top 3 things you cant go a day without doing:

- Checking Facebook
- Eating (lord help me when I have to be on a liquid diet!)
- Contemplating getting R out of bed to sleep with us as soon as she falls asleep because I miss her

2. 3 things that scare you the most:

- My health
- Throwing up
- Something bad happening to N or R

3. 3 places you want to see before you kick the bucket
- Machu Picchu
- Greece/ Rome
- Germany

4. 3 movies you will always love:

- All the Lord of the Rings
- All the Harry Potters
- Mean Girls

5. 3 favorite current songs:
(I'm going to go with current radio songs I'm loving.)
- Love Don't Die (or Rainbow Dies according to R) - The Fray
- Anna Sun - Walk The Moon
- Chocolate - The 1975

Happy Sunday!


  1. Found your blog through Social Sunday. I too, always want to go get my Daughter to snuggle with us after she's in her own bed sleeping! Good choice of movies and songs!

    1. The struggle is real, haha! I can't wait until she goes to bed so I can get some peace and quiet and then I miss her immediately!

  2. I am afraid of throwing up, too! Mean Girls is such a funny movie, too!

    Sarah | www.seriouslysarah.net

    1. I have a serious phobia, it's awful! And yes Mean Girls is a total classic!

  3. Love Harry Potter & Mean Girls!

    1. Some of the best movies out there! I can't wait till my daughter is older and I can share Harry Potter with her!

  4. Harry Potter? Yes please! I love that movies but even more I love the theme of it that they have at Disney so you can feel like you are in that time with them & the butter beer as well as the pumpkin juice is good too :)

    1. Is that at Disney or Universal? Either way I want to go SO BAD. I probably should have put that on #1 on places I want to go, haha! I would kill for some butter beer!

  5. Wow, I thought I was the only one who was afraid of throwing up! It sounds so silly but it really scares me. I'm glad I'm not alone :)

    Stopping by from the Sunday Social

    Adventures in Mommyland

    1. Not alone at all! I have a emetephobia and it's crazy how many other people out there have it!