F#!% It Friday

Since I keep missing linkups I figured I might make this a regular feature. It's how I've been feeling about most of these weeks anyway. ;) There's no theme to this despite it's clever name, just some tidbits from my life.

- Something totally crazy happened Wednesday at R's dance class! One of the moms was talking to a newer mom and newer mom mentioned that she hadn't been to class in a few weeks because she and her family had gone home to Canada during the olympics. The mom asked the newer mom what her husband did, and newer mom goes, "He plays for the Colorado Avalanche." HOLD THE PHONE. I almost blacked out in excitement and said, "NOT TO BE CREEPY BUT WE ARE HUGE AVALANCHE FANS" thus being totally creepy. Avalanche mom (as I'll call her not to out her name and be even creepier) seemed really nice and their daughter is ADORABLE. Oh my god I am so creepy.

- Speaking of the Avalanche just had to shout out Nathan MacKinnon for breaking a Wayne Gretzky record! He's the first 18 year old in NHL history to score points in 13 consecutive games. If he keeps this up he could surpass fellow Avalanche player Paul Stastny for rookie point streaks. Stastny holds the record by a lot at 20 games though so Mack has a ways to go. If that boy doesn't have a lock on the Calder (rookie of the year) trophy I do not know what the world is coming to. Same with Patrick Roy and the Jack Adams (coach of the year.) #whynotus

- I've been corresponding via e-mail with a woman I "met" on Jezebel when I posted a comment in an open thread about having Gastroparesis. She said she did too and it's been really nice chatting with someone who really understands this illness. Anyway, she's been vomiting constantly (one of the ways GP can present in a person) and she just e-mailed me to say that she's being admitted to the hospital for malnutrition and dehydration. My heart is broken for her. This is such an awful condition.

- I'm really thankful that I haven't been vomiting but the nausea has just been more than I can handle. I continued in not eating much this week, and tonight when I couldn't take the hunger anymore I drove to Taco Bell, ordered half the menu, and drove around eating it any crying like someone who has a really healthy relationship with food. Of course I feel especially awful now and I have no stomach emptying meds left. I don't know why I do this to myself!

- My mom watched R yesterday because my little sister was flying in for spring break (she goes to college in Boston) and when she and my sister dropped R off, R freaked out SO BAD. She kept screaming "I WANT AUNTIE KK! I NEED AUNTIE KK HUGS!" And she wouldn't even look at me. Sometimes I wish I was R's aunt instead. Maybe then she would love me!

- Right now I can't get enough of this song!

Hope y'all had a good week!


  1. Soo not creepy!! How could you not say something?!?

    Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your friend.. I hope that they can get in under control :/ Do you have to go to the doc for more meds, or you just need to pick up a refill? I hope you feel better soon :)


    1. Hahaha I couldn't even help myself the words just came pouring out! Nate was like "you should have scheduled a playdate" hahaha. Now that might have been over the line creepy. ;)

      Thankfully I just had to pick up a refill at the store. It had no refills on it but the pharmacy called the doctors and they refilled it ASAP which is so nice because so many doctors take foreverrrrr!

    2. hahaha I vote scheduling the play date next time you two talk.. :-)

      Thank goodness.. I hate when they make you go in and see them again before they will give you a refill!