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One of my dear internet friends made the trip to Colorado from Canada so she could attend the Colorado Avalanche's retirement of Adam Foote's number. While she was here she decided to take a tour of the Pepsi Center and she invited Reagan and I to come along with her. I've been to the Pepsi Center many, many times but have never taken a tour of the building! It was really interesting to get a behind-the-scenes view, and learn all kinds of new things about the building and the teams that play there. Because there was going to be an Avalanche game there that night, the building was bustling with activity. It was a very cool experience and I was so excited to spend time with my friend


This is how R greets new people. Falling to the ground and screaming! She warmed up though.


Did you know a tall vanilla bean Frappuccino from Starbucks has less sugar than a small vanilla shake from McDonalds? I do because I want to feel like a less terrible mother. ;)


Apparently their locker room is 6,000 square feet and has a players lounge with snacks, big screen TVs, and video games! I would have given anything to go in there but we weren't allowed.


This is where they bring the players out for interviews during games. The rubber mat on the floor is so that the players can walk out with their skates still on.


We were told the visiting NHL locker room isn't very nice- just like it is at all buildings. This locker room is  also used for the Colorado Mammoth, an indoor lacrosse team. We didn't get to see inside it because the Calgary Flames were in there, but we did get to see the visiting NBA locker room later.

My friend took this shot of R holding my hand!

Forgive the wonky angle this picture was taken at, but this is the backdrop for interviews with the Flames players!


It was pretty weird to see the stadium completely empty. I wish we had been allowed out on the ice but there were workers busy getting it ready for the game.


I don't think I'd want the job of squeegeeing all the glass before games!


My friend got this shot as well. :) My hair  looks crazy because I braided it before bed to get some crimps/ volume.


This is the big storage facility that they keep the NHL and NBA equipment in. Apparently when a concert comes to town they have to clean EVERYTHING out so the performers have room for their equipment.


There was some workout equipment behind these screens and there were Flamers players working out!


This is the basketball floor for the Denver Nuggets. Since hockey and basketball season happen at the same time, they have to drag this flooring out onto the ice (over 250 pieces!) before every Nuggets game. The floor locks together like a puzzle, and it takes 20 people about 4 hours to put it together.


Here are their $80,000 (a piece) zambonies! These were R's favorite thing to see. She loves vehicles.


She was memorized. :)


These are the game nets! They keep them nice and clean.


This is the loading station where the team buses come in, and deliveries are made. Our tour guide said that when the Rolling Stones came to play at the Pepsi Center they brought 15 semi trucks full of stuff!


This is the flooring they use for concerts and other events. It goes right over the ice just like the NBA floor. I asked and the lacrosse team just rolls out big things of AstroTurf over the ice for their games.


This sign is what welcomes all (non-public) visitors to the Pepsi Center. The tour guide said the elevation is supposed to psych out other teams. :)

That is what happens when R catches you taking a candid picutre of her.


This is the press lounge that also doubles as a dressing room during concerts. It was all set up to receive the press for the Avalanche/ Flames game that night.


It also has these small dressing rooms for privacy.


This is the visiting NBA locker room.


As you can see it's not very nice or fancy. There was a huge safe in there though, and the tour guide said it's for the crazy expensive jewelery that the NBA players wear/ bring. He said there are no safes in NHL locker rooms lol!


This is the Nuggets full size practice court. There's also a state-of-the-art exercise facility attached.  It was really nice!


We got to go sit in the press box which was my favorite part of the tour. It was SO COOL to see the stadium from that high up! And check out that gigantic jumbotron! They just had it installed over the summer, and the video board is the largest of its kind in the world!


Joe Sakic's office! I totally geeked out over this!


This plaque is in honor of Jessica Redfield Ghawi who was killed in the Aurora theater shooting.

We had a great time on the tour and an even better time hanging out with my friend! I hope she comes back to Colorado sooner than later and we can have more fun!

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