So What Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with Life After I "Dew" and saying so what if...
Bye bye undefeated road streak!
- The Avalanche lost last night. The played lazy until the very end of the game. They need to make sure their crazy record isn't going to their heads and be out for blood every night.
- R didn't even make it through one song yesterday at dance class. She was melting down before she even had to go into the studio and once she finally went in she just laid on the floor and started screaming. I decided enough was enough and took her butt home right away. She cried the entire way home that she wanted to go back but I know she would have kept tantrum-ing. I emailed the dance teacher (who is the nicest woman EVER) to ask if we could try the 11am Wednesday class and she said that'd be fine. We went today and R was great even though there were a lot of distractions! *whew*

- R has already grown out of her dance shoes! They still fit but are really, really tight and the poor girl has a nasty blister on the back of one of her ankles from  trying to wear a too-small pair of sneakers. I broke down and bought her shoes that are a little bigger today. I'm going to frame the old ones!

- I lost all my mail keys. Actually this really sucks. I know my Birchbox is in my freaking mailbox and Ipsy is too, or at least is coming soon. I just had four new keys made earlier this year and now I have no idea where any of them are. I'm losing my mind!

- I am still getting brutalized in fantasy hockey. UGGH.

I neeeeed you!

-  The new motility drug my GI wants me to be on ISN'T AVAILABLE IN THE US! What?!?! Also, it induces/ promotes lactation. Looks like I'll never stop lactating! R really can nurse until she leaves for college. ;)


  1. I'm the worst about losing stuff too! T and I have a running joke about me "hiding stuff from myself".. so annoying!

    Hopefully the new time works better for R. I love that you're framing her old shes, too cute :)


    1. We ending up going to another class yesterday because I wanted to give her another chance and she did really well. I don't know what gets into her sometimes but I know she loves dance!