So What Wednesdays

Today I'm linking up with Life After I "Dew" and saying so what if...
- R colored all over herself while I was in the bathroom this morning and I can't even be mad because she used a pink marker to carefully color her little toenails. Hopefully her face "decorations" wash off by tomorrow though...
- I am weighing my aversion to put pants on with my desire for Starbucks today. I am dragging...
So ready to eat a whole pan of these. If everyone else doesn't get to them first...
- We still haven't even bought the ingredients to make the "crack potatoes" we'll be bringing to both N's mom's house and my parents house tomorrow.
 What even is this?!
- I'm letting R watch the My Little Pony "Equestria Girls" movie right now because it's on YouTube and oh my lord this is a complete abomination. How they turned something as decent as My Little Pony into this I have no idea.

- I got a new tattoo on Sunday and it hurtsss. I've been complaining about how sore my arm has been for the past couple days but nobody feels bad for me, hahaha.
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  1. Love the tat!! How many others do you have? Too cute that R gave herself a pedicure.. Now if you could just teach her to do yours too.. :)


    1. Thank you! This is my sixth, but I've gotten one removed which was pretty much the worst thing ever, haha. I'll have to do a post about all my tattoos! And oh man, R just slays me with her body art. I was aghast at the marker all over her body, but the little pink toenails just killed me, hahaha.

  2. Ooh I would love to read a post about you tats!! (and the removal!). One of my good friends got one after a long night of drinking and tried to get it removed later. I think she had like 10-12 treatments and you can still clearly see it. Sometimes that stuff is no joke!
    You can't argue with little pink toes haha :)