This or That Tuesday

This or That Link Up

Time for another fun edition of This or That!

This weeks questions are about fears:

1. Heights or deep water?

Hrm, I'm probably going to have to go with heights I'm not super afraid of either, but heights make me really uneasy. Just thinking about them makes my toes literally tingle! Does that happen to anyone else?

N texted me this picture while he was out on a walk with R.
He said, "Well... I guess your daughter saw snake sex today."

2. Snakes or Spiders?

Spiders! I hate, hate, hate snakes and all other reptiles! I don't mind spiders at all. I actually have a Chilean rose tarantula that lives next to my bed. They're the perfect pet. Their food costs just a few dollars a year, they don't make a mess, don't smell, and are fun to watch! I bought my girl from a pet store when she was fairly mature (I have no idea how old she is) so I've never handled her. When (if?) she dies I'm going to get a baby that I can handle.

The Duchess

3. Losing all your teeth, or losing all your hair?

This is a tough one because fun wigs, amirite? But I'm actually going to say teeth because you can get dentures and the best part? NO MORE TEETH CLEANINGS AT THE DENTIST! My hair is actually falling out pretty badly right now. I have an appointment today for thyroid blood work (I have Hashimotos and switched meds a few months ago and am still adjusting) and I am dying for some rainbow hair extensions (for volume) from Intense Extensions! Be still my heart! I'd have gotten them yesterday if they weren't so dang expensive.

4. No voice or No hearing?

I think I'm going to go with no voice. I'm always torn between no hearing/ no seeing, but I think I could stand to live without my voice.
5. Eating a bug, or eating intestines?

Ew ew ew! Are the intestines cooked? Oh who am I kidding that wouldn't make a difference. Well, I think I actually wold say intenstines because you could at least try and pretend it was something else. Weird, semi-related side story: I was at Petsmart last month getting crickets for the Duchess and I asked the guy who was getting me the crickets why they were yellow instead of black. He said it's because they eat a special, non-toxic diet, and he proceeds to GRAB A CRICKET AND POP IT IN HIS MOUTH AND EAT IT! In my mind I fell over dead but I put on a very cool front so as not to give the guy any sort of reaction. But ew, who does that?!


  1. This whole post gave me the heebie jeebies! First with the snakes which are my number one fear and then the HUGE spider. I don't mind smallish spiders but I'm pretty sure I would never sleep if that was next to my bed. Props to you! And lastly with that guy eating a cricket- ick!! I've heard of people eating baked chocolate covered crickets but that still grosses me out!

    1. Oh man I hate snakes! But really, the bigger the spider the less it freaks me out. Especially since I know it's in a cage and can't get out, hahaha! And I think she's kind of cute with how fluffy she is. ;) And uggh yes I can't believe he just ate that nasty thing alive!

  2. Your spider is going to give me nightmares legit! Thanks for linkin up!

    1. Hahaha she's not so bad if you get to know her. ;) Thanks for another week of fun questions! :)

  3. omg the picture of the spider creeped me out! EEEEK lol. i felt like i needed a shower and wash all the bugs off me after answering these questions haha.

    Hey, do you have a facebook fan page, IG or twitter??? I'd love to follow you on social media i always read your blog :)

    1. It's funny because I haaate bugs except for spiders. I had a dream last night that there was a giant beetle in my house and I was freaking out. I think I need a showe too, haha!

      And I don't have a FB page (but I think I might set one up!) or twitter (I just use it for giveaways, haha) but I do have an IG! My name there is "laurenblehm"! I haven't posted pics there in awhile but I need to start up again. I'm so glad you read my blog, I love yours as well! :)

  4. "I guess your daughter saw a snake today"?? what the heck? I'd freak out! Good thing it wasn't me walking R! Seeing a beast like that would have me pretty shook up!

  5. Those extensions are amazing!! Uhg, I'm sure he was looking for a reaction with the cricket.. and I woulda totally given him one! You are way better at staying cool than I could have/would have been haha