Subscriptions: Citrus Lane November 2013



I wasn't sure if R was going to get a Citrus Lane box this month since her 6 month birthday sub (from my mom) expired last month. But she did and we both hope they keep coming because she LOVES them! I might have to find another sub for her too.


She loves opening up her box!


 She's very good at sharing and let me snap a few quick pictures before taking her stuff to play with/ eat.


Bumkins Lunch Bag: This is very cute but at 2 years old R doesn't need a lunch box yet. We'll keep it around- it looks to be nicely insulated and is very cute.

Green Toys Build-a-Burger: We don't usually do plastic food in R's play kitchen but Green Toys makes their toys from recycled materials and this burger (sandwich?) set is very cute. Unfortunately it doesn't stay together very well, and all the pieces have been scattered throughout the house- likely never to meet again.

Good Boy Organics Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack (Phew, that is a mouthfull!): R liked these enough to eat the entire bag. I tried one myself and didn't really like them, they were very bland. And this is coming from someone who has eaten an entire can of baby veggie puffs before. (Hey I was hungry!)

Farber Castle Jumbo Beeswax Crayons: The large crayons are great for R's little hands and they work way better than our crayolas!

Farber Castle Doodle Pad: The paper in this pad are multi-colored, which I thought would be difficult to color on except that the beeswax crayons are so pigmented that even the white shows up on the colored paper! R, N, and I have all had some fun drawing in this. R wanted me to draw her some "My Little Ponies" and yeah, that was a hot mess.


  1. I skipped Citrus Lane to try out a promo for Bluum.. Did not like it at all!! I will have to be signing back up with Citrus Lane soon.

    1. Oh that's good to know! I've been on the lookout for another sub for her but there just doesn't seem to be that many really good subs for kids!