R's Flower Girl Pics!

My cousin posted the profession pictures of her wedding last night, and the pictures of R are way too cute not to share!


These shots were taken before the ceremony when R was being a total ham for the photographer. They're also the only ones that showcase her beautiful headband that she threw on the floor and refused to wear right before it was time for her to walk down the aisle. ;)


Here is R after I tried to correct her path (she made a wrong turn) and she laid down on the ground and started SCREAMING. I almost had a heart attack. But I lifted her up and she could see N standing at the end of the aisle holding a sucker and she dropped her flowers and RAN to him- with a huge smile on her face! I was trying to stave off a panic attack at this point.

R and her Bubba! This is true love right here guys. (And relief!) :)


  1. What a little beauty! Great photos :)


    1. Thank you! She can be such a little sweetheart when she tries!