This or That Tuesday

This or That Link Up
Time for another fun edition of This or That!
This weeks questions are:
1. Will Smith now, or Will Smith Then
Oh my gosh Will Smith then no question! I've never really been a fan of his or seen many of his movies (I was also too young for the Fresh Prince) but now he's a crazy ass Scientology and has even crazier assed kids. Sorry I'm not sorry but Jaden Smith is the worst.

Look at those platforms!

2. Platform Sandals, or Clear Plastic Sandals
While I loved me a good pair of jellies I'm going to have to go with platform sandals. I was OBSESSED with the Spice Girls so the higher the platform the better!
One of my app Tamagotchis grew up to be a beautiful sperm!
3. Tamagotchis or Nano Babies
I was definitely team Nano Babies! But I did have more than a few Tamagotchis! I actually still have a ton lying around somewhere. Did you know there's a Tamagotchi app for smart phones?! It's just like having the old egg. I've killed most of the ones I've tried to raise already. How I keep a real child alive I have no idea.
4. TGIF Line Up or Nick After Dark
I don't seem to recall "Nick After Dark" but I remember being super disappointed every time Nickelodeon switched to "Nick At Nite." I wanted more cartoons! I also never watched the TGIF line up.
5. JTT or Devon Sawa.
I was a little young during the JTT years, and I really have no idea who Devon Sawa is. (Google did not really help.) So I suppose JTT is going to have to win by default. ;)


  1. Omg!! Have you ever seen Now and Then or Casper?! Devon Sawa was Roberta's first kiss and Casper as a real boy at the end....swooooon! Thanks for linking up

    1. Ooooh I have seen Now and Then, that is such a good movie! I don't remember him from either movie but I do know of those movies, haha!

  2. Oh em gee. Devon Sawa was my childhood crush!! Haha sooo hot. ;) This is Megan BTW haha

  3. Hey, found you through Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. First of all, that Spice Girls picture just brings on all sorts of nostalgia. And omg, a Tamagotchi app?? I am so going to look for it now... I think I still have a real one somewhere that just needs new batteries.

    1. I'm pretty sure that picture was plastered all over my bedroom when I was in elementary school! And on a shirt and who knows what else too, haha! And yes, the app bring back crazy memories! Except I am always killing mine, haha!