Tuesday Troubles

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

- I had to get my blood drawn at the doctor's this morning which is always fun (not). I don't mind the actual blood drawing part but my arm is always so sore after. I hate it.

- Even though I bribed her with a Ring Pop, R was a disaster at the doctor's just like she is everywhere. She wouldn't come in the room but ran away and sprawled out on the ground in the hallway. Thankfully they weren't busy and one of the nurses kept an eye on her while another drew my blood. I wish she would just behave!

- Speaking of that freaking Ring Pop, R told me that she was done with it as we were leaving the doctor's office so I threw it away. Now that we're home she is melting down hardcore that it's gone because she wants it again. I'm letting her scream it out in her room, I'm about to go nuts.

- I'm out of Zofran and don't want to take R to the store.

- The Avs have dropped three in a row and tonight they play the regning Stanley Cup Champs. The Black Hawks are defintetely my second fabvorite team (i.e. the team I root for when the Avs inevitably don't make the playoffs) and they usually have good games against the Avs, but uggh, I don't want to see the losing streak continue.

- I need to learn to stop getting involved in things on the internet where I know people will disagree with what I have to say. It's not my intention to be rude, but I always end up getting my feelings hurt and I should just ignore it. Yesterday someone was really rude to me though and it pissed me off.

- Tuesday's are my Mondays since N has Sundays and Mondays off and I'm already ready for it to be Saturday night. I wish my health was better so I could get a job because R is driving me INSANE.


  1. I completely understand what you mean about not getting involved with things where I know people will disagree with things I have to say (on the internet). I have very strong feelings about certain things and when I'm passionate about something my feelings can get hurt easily and I just want to avoid that altogether. When people are rude, I get pissed off.. and when people I don't know are rude, I REALLY get pissed off. Our poor, gentle hearts. LOL

    1. Yes! I feel the exact same way! And man, I am ruthless if someone I don't know is rude to me. I've gotten in some probably unnecessarily heated political arguments on Facebook, haha.