Subscriptions: Treatsie November 2013


Sweeteeth Chocolate Bar in Sea is for Caramel: I unwrapped this a little to look at the color of the chocolate and give it a sniff. I cannot stand dark chocolate and didn't want to take a bite out of something that 1) I hated and 2) could give to someone else. This will definitely be going to a dark chocolate lover which is a bummer because this would have been perfect in milk chocolate!

 Danny Macaroons in Salted Caramel, Chocolate Banana Nut, Spiced Pumpkin, and Black Chocolate Stout: These were pretty decent for being macaroons (what does a girl have to do to get macarons in her box?) They we're fairly soft and moist, but I'm just not a huge fan of coconut. The coconut definitely masked all the other flavors and I had no idea what is what. I ate them all, but this isn't something I'd ever choose to buy/ eat myself.

Das Food Lollipops in Man Bait (Maple Bacon), Naughty Ginger (Lemon/ Ginger), Salty Caramel, and Pomegranate Orange: I've tried the Salty Caramel so far (not good) and the pomegranate orange (a little better, but still not very good) and I'm not really impressed with these lollipops. The texture was a little chewy for hard candy, and the flavors weren't great. I think I'm going to give the bacon one to my adventurous brother, and save the lemon ginger one for when my stomach is upset (I'm not really a ginger fan.)

This was another sub-par month for Treatsie which is a huge disappointment. I suppose I should know better regarding the dark chocolate, but still. I want so badly to love this every month! I'm going to give December a go before considering stopping my sub. I wish there were more candy subs out there!

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