Tuesday Troubles

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
(This pic was taken at the end of September. He's much bigger now.)
- We're out of dog food AGAIN! My 7 month old puppy is pushing 90lbs and is eating us out of house and home! But I forgive him because he's so stinkin' cute. (Literally. He stinks.)
- R got in trouble AGAIN at Dance Class today. I've been trying to work with her for the past few weeks on understanding that you can't run around like a crazy person during class, but it seems that she just gets so excited that she can't help it. To say she is full of energy is an understatement. I'd be worried it was abnormal, but apparently N was the same way and he's perfectly normal (now at least!)
- My GI doctor (the throat surgeon) still hasn't called in a refill for my Reglan. I get that they don't want me to take it for much longer- I have an EKG to see if I can get on Domperidone on Thursday- but guys, I still need that stuff!
- In a semi-related note, I waver between being SO OVER nursing and not wanting to let go. R still isn't ready to give up her once, maybe twice daily nursing sessions (they're quick as well), and I really don't think I'm ready to give them up either! Especially with cold and flu season coming! But I want to get back on an MAOI antidepressant desperately so it's been a big struggle for me. The related news is that Domperidone (and Reglan too for that matter) are both medications that promote/ increase lactation! So it looks like I may not dry up for oh, forever...
- You know what I didn't do a Halloween recap? It's because I forgot my camera and these are the only two pictures I got:
R taking off her costume.

 R taking off her costume while saying cheese. :/
We had a good Halloween though! :) Taking down the decorations a few days ago did not feel so good. :(

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  1. my almost 5 month old puppy is pushing 45-50lbs. EEEEK. and i can only imagine her eating habits are gonna get worse LOL. AHHHHHH