Subscriptions: Bonjor Jolie November 2013

Chock full of goodies like always!


The "reason" I get this box- the feminine hygiene products. ;)


Sugar Scrub Soap Cubes by All Things Earthly: These have a gorgeous floral scent and are the perfect way to soften and moisturize in the shower. I love sugar scrub but have never used a solid sugar scrub before. I think I'm a convert now because I love these!

Organic Cider Spice Soap by Somerville Soap Works: I love handmade soap and I love fall spices so this was perfect for me. The soap is organic and made with olive oil and is very moisturizing. This might be one of the best soaps I've ever received in a subscription box!

Calming Bath Oil by BlissFull Apothecary: This bath oil smells great. I had pegged the scent as lavender but it's actually made with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, argon oil, and the essential oils of rosemary, chamomile, and eucalyptus. All these scents come together perfectly in a calming and spa worthy way.

Body Butter by the Concord Soap Company: The scents I received are Lilacs in Bloom and Red Clover Tea. The lack of humidity in Colorado leaves my hands dry all year long so I opened up the Clover right away. Surprisingly it smelled like candy. There wasn't much lotion in the packets which was a shame, but a little went a long way. It went on a little oily which had me worried, but it absorbed almost immediately and left my hands very soft!


Motts Flavored Apple Cider: Fall is the perfect time for cider and since I didn't have any this was a perfect treat. I had the McIntosh packet right away and it was delicious.

Jumbo Sea Salt Caramels by Caramels for Karson: Oh my goodness. These were DELICIOUS. I've received some pretty delicious caramels from Treatsie before but these beat anything I've ever gotten before hands down. I devoured these in seconds and I am definitely planning on ordering more- something I don't often do! Oh, and the best part of these caramels? All process go to helping pay for sweet Karson's medical bills from having open heart surgery.

Copper Stone Necklace: I don't have any copper jewelery and I love this necklace. It's delicate and I love the different charms. I never realized how good copper jewelry looks but now I want more!


  1. I have never heard of BonJour Jolie. I'll have to check them out!!

    1. It's one of my favorites! I never have to go to the store (and by that I mean send N to the store) to by tampons and I get fun treats!

  2. I have seen you post these before, never heard of them. WIll also have to check them out

    1. You definitely should! They are a great company who chooses great products!