Friday Phone Dump

Linking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom again today for the Friday Phone Dump!

I haven't taken many pictures this week since things have been so crazy. I also really hate the camera on my phone (not that that usually stops me from taking a million pictures.) I should have a phone upgrade ready soon (possibly right now but we need to conserve money while N is hurt) and I'm considering finally stepping away from Motorola and getting the S4 because the camera is so much nicer.
 That sexy black receiver was the device I wore for 48 hours earlier this week that communicated with my BRAVO capsule. I kept thinking I was wearing my camera. I looked pretty stylish.

N wanted to relax on Tuesday night so he found $5 tickets to another Avalanche preseason game. His mom watched R and we had a good time seeing the boys play. Giggy, the goalie, completely shit the bed letting in 4 goals but the boys rallied and almost had a comeback. They lost big again last night- it's going to be an interesting season for sure. We're really looking forward to the home opened next Wednesday!

I'm pretty sure that R's two year molars are giving her trouble because I can see them coming in and she's been an absolute disaster lately. She been wanting to sleep with us every night which was fun at first because I really missed co-sleeping (we cos-slept from birth to a year when SHE decided she wanted to sleep in her crib- it was very hard on me), but now that's she's older and much bigger it's been a pain. But she's the sweetest thing when she's sleeping! ;)

Happy Friday!

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