Subscriptions: Treatsie September 2013



Treatsie is probably my favorite subscription service. For $15 they send you a sampling of artisan candy. I feel like most food subscription boxes center around either healthy food (bleh) or gourmet ingredients that I would never cook with, and N would never even dream of tasting. But I LOVE candy so as soon as I saw a review of this box on another blog I knew I had to sign up right away!


If your question is, "Have you already sampled literally everything in this box?" then my answer to you is, "Yes. Yes I have." So let's get down to business...

Grey Ghost Bakery Cookies in Cinnamon Pecan: This was definitely my favorite cookie. It tasted like those delicious spiced almonds that you can get at the Renaissance festival!

Grey Ghost Bakery Cookies in Molasses Spice: This tasted like a ginger snap, but better, and that's good because ginger gives me heartburn. They were also really soft and chewy!

Grey Ghost Bakery Cookies in Chocolate Espresso: I am not really a fan of anything flavored with coffee but these were not bad. I think I'm going to give the second one to R and see what she thinks of it.

Morning Glory Confections Chai Tea and Cashew Artisan Brittle: I am a huge brittle fan so this was a really fun treat. I've never had chai before but I really like the way the spices tasted in the brittle, and the cashews were the perfect complimentary nut to that taste.

Katherine Anne Confections’ Marshmallows Cinnamon Sugar and Vanilla Black Pepper: Oh my gosh. Are marshmallows supposed to be this soft and airy? I sort of wanted to rub these on my face after I felt them. The texture is simply devine. I liked the cinnamon sugar flavor, and although I liked the vanilla flavor of the vanilla black pepper ones, the black pepper was just a little too much. I'm not a huge pepper fan though (I don't put it on anything), so if it's something you enjoy you will love these. I plan on scraping off the black pepper and eating the remaining marshmallow because oh my god, how could I not?

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