Thursday Thoughts

- Did you know physical therapy for wounds involves simply cleaning them out? N and I didn't either until today when he had an appointment. I didn't go with him but apparently it was so gruesome that N literally passed out- something he's never done before! Yikes!

 This is what's stuck inside my throat!

- The BRAVO capsule still hasn't come out of my throat. It was pretty painful last night and hurts again today. I just want this to be over!

- I'm expecting a package from Zulily (thinking of signing up? here's my referral link!) today with some vintage looking Halloween decorations I'm really excited about. I've pretty much run out of decorating room but I'll find some places for these. I can't wait until everything is all together and I can get some pictures!

- R is going to be the flower girl in my cousin's wedding next Saturday and I am SO NERVOUS. She can be very outgoing and awesome (at my other cousin's reception she was literally coming up behind people and pushing them onto the dance floor so they would dance with her) but she's also the loudest tantrum-er ever and I'm scared she'll freak out when she walks down the aisle.

- In other dance related thoughts, R has been doing SO well at dance class! She was really scared the first week and cried/ wouldn't leave me for the entire class, but the last few times she's participated and been really good. She's hilarious to watch because she's the youngest in the class and has absolutely no idea what's going on. The dance teacher said she'd like to get R's class to participate in their holiday recital and I think that would be awesome! Hopefully R's flower girl experience will prepare her for that. Hopefully...

What's on your mind today?


  1. So sorry about your husband's hand- that's pretty horrifying! Also horrifying- that device that stayed in your throat. What the heck?? I've never heard of that before!


    1. Oh my gosh it was so brutal! We were both really worried that it was going to give him nerve damage or need a graft or some sort of surgery. He got so lucky that he only missed less than a week of work. It's healed beautifully and there was no permanent damage! And uggh yes that pill was AWFUL! It took 7 days to fall off too! The capsule transmits the PH of your throat to measure acid reflux. It's nasty but better than the alternative which is a tube shoved down your nose and into your throat that you have to wear for 24 hours!