Subscriptions: Citrus Lane September 2013

My mom got R a subscription to Citrus Lane for her second birthday this year, and R gets SO excited when her box comes ever month!

Her box came while she was taking a nap so when she woke up I let her sit on my bed while she opened it. This is her "why the heck is the camera out?" face.

From left to right: North American Bear Co. purple poodle goody bag, Episencial Babytime! Playful Wash shampoo/ body wash, Happy Tot Super Toddler Bar in honey grain sunbutter, ABCs by Charlie Harper, and Julep nail polish in Gabrielle.

Reagan was super excited to dig into her box and per usual, had to pull out the edible treat first.

She loved the bar and ate the entire thing, she just makes the most hilarious faces when I'm trying to take pictures of her. ;)

This Citrus Lane box was definitely a win for us. The last two months she's gotten really age inappropriate toys, but everything in her box today was perfect. And that ABC book has the most gorgeous illustrations!


  1. I only got one citrus lane box and it sucked bad. But then I see yours and it looks cool!

    1. Yeah all her other boxes haven't been very good. My mom got Reagan a six month sub to CL for her birthday and I don't think I'll renew it myself. Looking at other subscription box blogs it looks like there's some better stuff out there. I just wish kids boxes were cheaper!