Julep Galaxy Mystery Box

After being disappointed in a mystery box I got earlier this year, I told myself I was not going to do one again. And then I saw an ad for this promising a Estelle, a "full-coverage black holographic glitter" and I was like, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

Not really into the new Julep packaging. Paper might be more environmentally friendly than plastic but this just seems too excessive.

From left to right: Raegan, Joanna, Estelle, Angela, Adele, and Abbie.

Glycolic hand scrub, Rock Star hand creme, and the oxygen nail treatment. Very excited about this!

The only polish colors I'm excited about are Estelle and Angela. I like Raegan (it drives me crazy they spell it that way, it should be Reagan!) but I already have it. Value wise it was totally worth it, and hopefully I can trade some of the polishes I'm not into! If you want to try Julep feel free to use my referral link. ;) Your first Maven box is free, you get access to special deals and discounts (including mystery boxes), and you can skip a month whenever you want!

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