Tuesday Troubles

Tuesday Troubles idea stolen (with permission) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

- On Saturday right before N was about to leave work for the weekend (he works Tuesday to Saturday) he burned his hand while trying to fix an oil drain. Essentially, there were still fumes inside the drain even though had had cleaned it earlier and it created a giant fireball (that everyone in the shop heard) that hit him in the hand. When he called me to tell me what happened I asked him if he needed to go to the ER or Urgent Care he said, "uh, I don't know" which is N speak for "YES I SHOULD PROBABLY GO TO THE DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY."
Of course he waited until later that night to go to Urgent Care (after much harassing from me) and the doctor told him he has pretty severe 2nd-3rd degree burns. He has a blister on his palm under his thumb the size of a freaking golf ball. He also burned all the skin on his wrist off and has first degree burns on his forearm, and all in all it's terrible. He's a mechanic who works commission so this is a major hit. He was told yesterday he'll need physical therapy twice a week and will need to consult with a burn specialist to see if he needs reconstructive surgery. Please send healing vibes his way!

- Yesterday I had a sedated endoscopy (yay for sedation!) and they stuck a BRAVO capsule to my throat. It's a tiny little device that records my acid reflux levels and sends them to a little monitor that I have to wear for the next 48 hours. In a few days it's supposed to dislodge and uh, pass, but for the time being it feels like there's a giant vitamin stuck in my throat and it's really annoying. However it's a billion times better than the catheter through the nose into the throat so I'm not complaining!

- The IV I got from said endoscopy has left a giant, swollen, blue bruise on my hand! Ouch!

- I thought I was done with diagnostic testing for the GERD surgery but yesterday the doctor said he wants me to do a gastric emptying test too! It involves eating radioactive food so I'm not sure I'll be able to do it since I'm still nursing, but man on man I just want these tests to be over!

- R has been a disaster lately and I'm not sure why. I think her 2 year molars are coming in- I really hope that's what it is!

I hope your troubles are too much this fine Tuesday! :)

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