Nailed It: Frame Calender

Welcome to another edition of Nailed It! (I know, so soon, but I just got a lot of craft stuff for my birthday!) where I attempt Pinterest crafts with probably varying results. Up today is a weekly schedule made from frames.

This was the inspiration image I found while searching Pinterest and while this particular design didn't really appeal to me, I knew that it could be recreated in a way that would suit my own aesthetic preferences. Once again I didn't take progress pictures because I wasn't really thinking about blogging this but I'll show you what I ended up with...


This wall separates our living room from our kitchen. It's tall and awkward and I've never put anything on it before. If this picture looks wonky it's because 1) I am horrible at taking non-crooked pictures and probably should have run this through photoshop and 2) those freaking light switches are uneven but I'm not sure how we can fix that.


I despise my handwriting but I am having some pain issues with my wrists and fingers and therefore it's really hard for me to write and hand letter things. :/


I get to go in for a barium swallow tomorrow morning! I bet you are SO jealous! I'm jealous of me. (BUT OMG HOCKEY PRESEASON NEXT WEEK!)

All I did to make this was buy 8 silver frames from the Dollar Store and craft paper from Jo-Ann's. I was originally just going to use blank computer paper but as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. I had those sparkly letters laying around from when I lettered my graduation cap.

The hardest part was trying to get them on the wall in the *exact* middle, and then have them be evenly spaced. I spent a lot of time with a yard stick and level cursing and dropping things. I used nails to hang them, and then for extra stability I put a little put of poster putty on the corner of each frame so that they wouldn't move around (and get uneven!) while I wrote on them.

The wall still feels really unfinished and I think I'd like to order a custom decal that says something like "Our Week" or what have you. And since there's still space above that I think a fun mirror might look good. Possibly one of those sunburst mirrors everybody but me seems to have. ;)

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