Our life: Morning at the dog park.

For Christmas of 2011 my wonderful mother got me a DSLR camera so that I could capture R's life in better quality than I was afforded with my smartphone. For the first year I had it I was great at making a point to take pictures, but lately it's been mostly sitting around, waiting for us to take pictures for Craigslist/ eBay. In order to remind and encourage myself to take more pictures I'm starting this segment, "Our Life," to share with you the captures I get of our daily life.

Today N took off work because he had a physical therapy appointment. Did you know that physical therapy for wounds just involves cleaning them? Well, we didn't either until today. Fun side story: when they were removing N's dead skin from his burn, he literally passed out for more than a minute because it was so gruesome. N has seen some pretty terrible things in his life- including me giving birth!- so this must have been really bad.

Anyway, because he was off work and it's so beautiful out today we decided to take our puppy Hank to the local dog park. We live about 5 minutes away from a state park/ dam and it has a 69 acre dog park that encompasses two large lakes. It used to be almost double that size but they cut it down a few years ago. It's still an amazing place to take your dog too, and Hank loves it! Here are some pictures that I took today:

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