Our Life: Christmas 2013

Christmas was a flurry of activity this year. On Monday we met N's grandpa and step-grandma for lunch, on Tuesday N drove up to visit his dad's grave in the morning and then we went to my parents that night, and on Wednesday we opened up gifts at our house, then went to N's mom's house, my parents house, and my grandmas house! We had a lot of fun, but I'm glad things have settled down- at least for the time being! I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to this year, but I captured some very special moments.

I tried to get pictures of our tree a few days before Christmas and of course R had to jump in the shots and mug.

Santa brought R a Dyson play vacuum, a MLP baby doll, some mini MLP stuffed toys to add to her enormous collection, and a MLP microphone that I am already completely regretting. It only plays two songs (you're supposed to hook it up to a MP3 player to sing along to other songs) and I've now heard them eighty bajillion times.

She got even more stuffed toys in her stocking as well as some toy cars.

All those gifts were for R! N and I decided to wait until the after holiday sales to get things for ourselves.

R started sneaking down the stairs before I was ready to get pictures but I got these shots which just may be my favorite pictures ever! I love her sweet excitement!

One of the best things about buying presents for young kids is that you can talk them into things they want. I talked up a toy vacuum for awhile and R was really into it. Then when she saw it on Christmas morning she was SO excited! I hope I can talk her into more toy vacuums when she's a teenager.

She held this shirt up to herself all by herself. It was too cute to see.

R loves boots, and she loves sparkles. Sparkle boots are even better! She was SO excited about these and has been wearing them non-stop.

The power drill was a BIG hit. R is so excited to finally have one she's allowed to touch. Of course, Hank is currently the recipient of most of her drilling. Poor Hank!

Rainbow Dash isn't R's favorite pony (it's Twilight Sparkle thank you very much) but this is the only hoodie I saw and it was too cute not to get. Thankfully R loves it!

R at my parent's house.

Her very own stocking!

 My parent's tree! The jumped ship two years ago and got a fake tree. I forgive them, I suppose.



  1. oh my goodness, i love her excitement and joy,great photos! what great moments to capture!
    merry christmas!

    1. Her excitement was so infectious! I loved being able to experience it. I hope you had a merry Christmas as well! :)

  2. So cute! That play vacuum is genius! Also love all your chevrons in the house!

    1. Thank you! And the vacuum has been such a hit. She used to always want to use mine which is obviously way too big for her, and now she's so excited to be able to "vacuum" herself- she does it all the time! I'm a total chevron freak! ;) I fell for that trend hard and fast!

  3. Great photos!! I love that you talked her into the vacuum, that is too funny!!

    I also love how you decorated your living room, the silver is gorgeous :)


    1. Thanks! Silver/ grey are definitely my favorite colors to decorate with, they just go with everything!

  4. What a gorgeous Christmas setup!!!!!! Love the colors!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I barely did any decorating for Christmas compared to what I did for Halloween, so next year I'd like to go bigger!