Thursday Thoughts

- I can't believe it's already Thursday. I mean, I can since yesterday was Wednesday but this week is really flying by.

 2009 and 2010 mountain trees

2012 and 2013 tree lot trees.

- For the third year in a row we bought a tree from a tree lot and it's already totally crispy. I don't know if it will make it next week before we take it back to the lot and demand a new tree. Lot trees are SO pretty because they grow them in Oregon or somewhere where nice trees grow, but they are such a pain. Growing up we always went to the mountains to cut down a tree (we don't have any of those fancy tree farms where you can cut down a nice tree) but these past three years having a little one it's just been too much. Plus our mountain trees are janky as hell. I don't care about looks anymore, I want a fresh tree that will last!

- I sent a couple of my old things and my mom's old things to Thred Up last month and got a $38 pay out! I was expecting way less than that! I used it to get a $30 pair of Juicy Couture jeans but while they fit in the waist they were really big in the leg. I took them to get taken in and hemmed today and it's only going to cost $30. Just that for some custom fitting Juicy jeans? I am so there.

- Nate couldn't get Hank to come back inside this morning even though it was -6! I guess he didn't want to stop rolling in the snow! This is the kind of weather Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred for though. He is a holy mess  now though. I don't know where he found mud, but find it he did.

- I didn't make it to the store yesterday and even though I ran errands today I still didn't go, haha. We got Starbucks instead and that's all the groceries we need (for uh, right now haha.)

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  1. I have heard of Thred Up but didn't know you could sell clothes--that's awesome!

  2. Replies
    1. Urban Decay posted in their Facebook page that it was available on their website so I bought it right away! It's sold out there now but I think they're going to be releasing it to a bunch of different stores soon!

  3. Beautiful tree :)


    1. Thank you! It's about to go in the trash heap because I'm so sick of it dropping needles but it does look pretty, haha!

    2. I've always been a fan of real trees... but after the past two years I'm seriously considering going the fake route. Such a mess!!!

    3. Even N is seriously considering a fake tree as well and that is REALLY saying something!!