Swaggable Reviews: Farmer's Market Lemongrass Basil Soap and The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

I have two things from Swaggable to review today, and a third review on it's way hopefully sometime this week (it involves drinking an interesting looking packets of liquid for three days.)



See how the soap is all smoothed out? That's because it's been living in my shower and I've been using it almost every time I shower! I was notified that I was going to receive this in September, and it didn't get here until November so I had already left a review on Swaggable saying I never got it (a lot of people had the same issue.) The reviews from the people who had gotten it seemed to be mostly negative, so I didn't have high hopes for this soap. However, as soon as I got it and smelled it I knew I was in love! The smell is divine and it reminds me of my Jumping Juniper shampoo bar from Lush. I've been using it on my legs before I shave as a lather, and I have absolutely no complaints. I love this!



So this was uh... interesting. Supposedly it was a dehydrated meal for dogs (and human grade to boot!) but it seemed to me like it was just a packet of seasoning. It smelled like seasoning too. It did not look even remotely appetizing in any form but Hank picked up on the smell of it and was curious. When I put his bowl down he wolfed this stuff up in just a few seconds. Then again he also eats (unused) napkins and shoes so he's not a great judge for picky eaters. However this was something I felt comfortable giving him (god knows what is in so many dog foods on the market these days) but it just didn't feel substantial enough to be a total meal for him. However I was very intrigued by the dehydrated food concept, and I plan on looking more into it!


  1. Interesting dog food lol. Not trying to be a hater, but I'm pretty sure garlic is toxic to dogs. :-/ I only know this because I found out the hard way that avocados aren't good for them either so I looked up a list of all the human foods they can't have.. so make sure your pups doesn't avocado either! You don't wanna deal with the mess I did haha!


    1. Oh yikes I has no idea about either of those! Luckily he seemed to tolerate it well but it was just so... weird, that I don't think this particular dehydrated meal is something I would ever buy again, haha! I felt like I needed to sprinkle it on some chicken for dinner, it was just too strange!