Subscriptions: Treatsie December 2013



There was a new, larger outer box this month.

And the treats were right inside underneath some tissue paper. Usually there is a smaller, plastic wrapped box inside the outer box.


I'm not sure if I'm going to subscribe to the upgrade yet. I've seen some other candy boxes popping up and I might give a different company a try.

I love the concept of a tortoise because I love chocolate turtles! One of the ones that I ate was asbolutely delicious but the other had a funny taste to it. Maybe something had been burned in it? I'm not sure but I was pretty disappointed.

The nutwhats was a kind of toffee brittle and it was pretty tasty. There was dark chocolate drizzled on top which I didn't like but I was able to scrape it off a bit. It wasn't anything special though.


Handmade caramels are probably my favorite candy ever and these were delicious! If there was an entire subscription devoted to just caramel I'd get it in a hearbeat.

The little chocolate bars however were not as exciting. I didn't eat the dark chocolate ones but Reagan enjoyed them, and I was disappointed to see that the almonds in the milk chocolate one were pulverized so you didn't get much of an almond-y taste. Not something I'd buy again.

Not the best box but not the worst. I'm not sure if I'll keep subscribing but we'll see.

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  1. Yum! This makes me think I need to subscribe to a treats box.