Tuesday Troubles

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

I have had a pretty crappy couple of days. :/

- On Sunday on our way to pick up a Christmas tree we stopped at the store really quick. When we were backing out of our parking space another car backed into us! It was technically their fault since their bumper hit our back passenger side door (meaning we had been pulling out first), but our insurance deductible is $800 and there's just no way I can justify that for cosmetic damage. I am devastated!

- Speaking of my car, it has been acting up like crazy lately. When I try to turn it on it will just turn over and tell me the transmission is too hot. Yesterday it died in the Babies 'R Us parking lot when I was out running errands and N came to get me- except when he got there the car turned on OF COURSE. Thankfully N is a mechanic (and a very good one at that I might say!) so he took it to work today and will hopefully have time to work on it. Although we only pay cost for parts and no labor it still sucks fixing cars.

This is what 2 weeks of December mail looks like.
Under those packages it was completely filled with mail!

- My inability to keep track of anything led me to pay the post office $40 AGAIN for new keys. This is the last time I swear!
- I finally went to a compounding pharmacy to pick up the domperidone and it was $110. And insurance won't cover a dime since the drug has never been approved in the US. We spend around $500 a month on all my various medications. This one better be worth it!

- My tattoo is still peeling and it's driving me crazy not to pick! I've actually been picking a little bit and I know I'm going to need some touch ups. It makes me nuts!

- And of course :( RIP


  1. So frustrating when multiple troubles pile up in one week. :( At least it will be Christmas soon!!

    1. When it rains it pours right?! Hopefully this is the storm before the calm?

  2. So sorry about your car issues- that's the worst :( Did your husband get the transmission stuff taken care of at least? I hope the domperidone is the miracle drug you have been looking for. You deserve it after all that car crap!!

    P.s. I feel you on the mailbox keys. I'm the worst with those too!


    1. He's telling me he doesn't think it's the transmission, but that light is coming on for some reason. Right now he suspects it's the fuel pump so he has a sensor on it, and is driving it and waiting for it to act up on him, which of course it won't. I reallllly hope it's not the tranny because that would be sooo expensive, uggh! And yes, I really hope the domperidone works too! I am so sick of all this crap!

  3. Boo to car repairs never fun! We had to get our transmission changed two years ago and now the fuel pump this year. Blah! At least your husband can fix your car! :) Hoping you get your medicine figured out! P.S. I totally loved the Karmen color from your Julep box and I got one today that I thought was similar in color...zoya in channing at Ulta... but it goes on more clear with the sparkles... have you had a chance to try the Karmen? I might have to order one from Julep if it is better. : )

    1. Bummer! Yeah I am super thankful he is a mechanic, it saves us so much money! And I just tried Karmen tonight and the polish is GORGEOUS. Full coverage red with a gold shimmer. I actually have an extra, if you want to paypal me $7 I can send it to you!