This or That Tuesday

This or That Link Up
Time for another fun edition of This or That!

This weeks questions are about Christmas:

1. Celebrity Christmas Carol's or Chipmunk Christmas Carols? 
Oh god celebrity carols PLEASE. There are few things I despise more than the chipmunks singing anything. R is not allowed to watch that show or any of those movies ever. EVER!

2. Gift Cards or Gift Baskets?

I really don't mind either. I like gift cards because you can get exactly what you want but I like gift baskets because all the shopping work has already been done for you, haha. Honestly now that R is 2 and a total pain in the butt to take anywhere I'm much less excited about getting gift cards. Thank god for internet shopping!

3. Naughty or Nice?

Hey all things considered I think I've been pretty nice. R on the other hand... She's lucky Santa thinks she's so cute. ;)

4. Getting Everything on your wishlist, or Giving Someone Everything on Their Wishlist?

Giving! I mean, am I allowed to answer any other way? ;) Honestly, being a mom on Christmas is even more fun than any of the Christmases I had as a child. There is nothing like watching your little one get excited about something you've given them. I'm really excited to see how R reacts to all her gifts this year- especially since she's this year is the first year that she's really old enough to appreciate them.

5. Presents on Christmas Eve, or Presents Christmas Morning?

We've always done presents on Christmas morning but I've been considering moving it to Christmas Eve since we go to N's mom's in the morning and then my parent's right after that. Plus it's the most fun to open up gifts at my parent's house because they spoil ALL of us!