Our Life: R's First Dance Recital

Today was R's first dance recital and I won't lie, I barely slept a wink last night because I was so nervous. R loves dance class, but she also loves to walk into the studio, and collapse on the ground and cry/ whine out of shyness. I was really worried that with the crowd and all the other kids who she didn't know (there are 5 classes like hers at the studio now!) that she would freak out. When it was time for her to go into the wings I though I was going to have a heart attack. But when they called the little girls out on stage she went "Reagan's turn to dance!" and trotted right out there. She was awesome! When it was over I breathed a huge sigh of relief. And I got some very cute pictures to boot! Some are blurry because like an idiot I forgot to put my camera in sports mode, but they are cute nonetheless!

Watching the other dances with her Bubba.

Not happy I wanted to take a picture of her.

She kept wanting to run around with my mom (Gigi) and my sister (Auntie KK).

Her class is called "Twinkle Babies!"



  1. Omg she could not be any cuter!!! Love the family picture of you all too :)


    1. Thanks! I really could not believe how cute she was during the dance. I was so nervous she was going to freak and she did great!