A Year In Pictures: 2013


1.1 - New Year's Day

(WARNING: LOTS of pictures ahead!)

1.4 - R starts her terrible 2s early

1.13 - Avalanche Training Camp

1.14 - R's first time ice skating

1.19 - R's first time at the Wildlife Experience museum

1.22 - R rides the lightrail with me to school so she can go to daycare

1.24 - Things don't go so well at daycare

1.26 - But R is still cute

 1.27 - I get my graduation application, graduation seems like a possibility for the first time

1.28 - I ride the lightrail to and from school in rush hour and it's not a lot of fun


2.1 - We make it to lots of Denver Cutthroat games- R is in love with the mascot Gill

2.6 - School wears on me

 2.10 - R because a little person more and more every day

2.14 - We enjoy a laid back Valentine's Day

2.21 - R is a punk rocker

2.23 - R gets her first vanilla bean frap from Starbucks as a reward for being good while I study, little do I know that I've created a massive monster


3.11 - N hurts his back and we end up at Urgent Care, I had run out of medication that day and was shaking and naseous with withdrawals, but R was having a ball

3.19 - N works on his best friend's Camaro to get it running again- we have a Camaro party

3.25 - My graduation invitations come in the mail- things are even more real

3.29 - R begins her (what will surely be) lifelong pursuit of fixing cars

3.31 - R has a great Easter filled with cousins and Camaros


4.2 - I spend a lot of time at school

4.11 - My good grades are rewarded with a great scholarship and I finally get wedding bands after almost 3 years with a temp ring

 4.15 - I make invitations for R's second birthday party

4.16 - R looks out the door with our old Husky Mika who now belongs to my SIL- My SIL watched R while I was in school after the whole daycare thing didn't work out

 4.20 - We go to see N's favorite band Lucero and I get wild with a Shirley Temple (yes literally)

4.21 - R gets her first ice cream from the ice cream truck

4.23 - I have no completely given up and am wearing pilly, hairy sweats to school- I feel no shame

4.25 - I am eligible for my honors cords

 5.3 - R turns two!!!

5.6 - R has a great second birthday party, and my friend Amber makes her the greatest gift of all time
 5.8 - Starbucks holds my hand during finals

5.12 - I get to pick up my honors cords

5.18 - I dye the tips of my hair purple


5.21 - I am finally able to enjoy the warm spring days with my baby girl

5.23 - Hank comes home!

5.24 - Hank adjust to his new life at our house

5.26 - R sees snake sex for the first time


6.2 - Hank makes a fast friend in Jack, my mom's dog- this is also photographic proof that Hank was once smaller than Jack

6.5 - I drive R an hour away to see a "touch-a-truck" show and it's awful, we get one cute pic though
6.6 - R gets blasted by the fountains on Pearl Street in Boulder

6.10 - R goes to the Butterfly Pavilion for the first time

6.13 - R's love of corn on the cob continues to grow

6.25 - R continued to test my boundaries

6.26 - After 7 long years I finally get my diploma, and they spell my name wrong...

6.29 - We buy N's mom's Jeep from her as a favor intending to fix and flip it, and thus begin on an never-ending nightmare


7.6 - R continues to help Bubba fix Jeeps, Hank joins as well

7.9 - I get my first progress shot of Hank

7.17 - R gets cuter and cuter every day

7.20 - I see my dream car parked outside Walmart

7.24 - N and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary


8.15 - R and Hank become buddies (now that he isn't mouthing anymore)

8.22 - We make our first solid attempt at potty training, we're still working on it...

8.27 - I wonder how much bigger Hank could get...


9.3 - R's first day of dance
9.8 - We go greige

9.11 - I get a tube shoved down my nose into my throat for PH monitoring- I make it three hours before ripping the tube out

9.16 - I have a barium swallow at the hospital

9.18 - I start decorating for Halloween

9.18 - Avalanche opening night

9.23 - I have an endoscopy and have a pill attached to my throat to monitor my throat PH- I get to wear a cool receiver for two days

9.27 - Hank comes to love the dog park

 9.29 - These two love each other more and more every day


10.1 - Hank continues to grow...

10.4 - R catches snowflakes in Vail

10.5 - R is the flower girl in my cousin's wedding

10.14 - The Avalanche have a record start to the season

10.19 - R, Hank, and I brave the Denver Zombie Crawl alone

10.23 - I swallow a pill that monitors my stomach PH- I get to wear an even cooler receiver for five days

10.31 - These are the only pictures I get on Halloween...

11.4 - I get an old tattoo touched up (left), and a brand new tattoo (right)

11.6 - Date night at an Av's game

11.8 - R and I tour the Pepsi Center when my dear friend Sandie flies in from Canada

11.14 - Hank is STILL growing!

11.17 - R and Hank have the time of their lives raking leaves

11.21 - They play in the first big storm of the season

11.24 - I get another new tattoo- my first on my arm


12.10 - We have a fun time in Boulder while up there for a doctor's appointment

12.12 - R photobombs my picture of our Christmas tree

12.13 - R passes out on the couch for the first time ever

12.18 - My Commander goes to the body shop and I drive my first ever rental car

12.21 - R's first dance recital

12.25 - Christmas

 12.27 - N played in a high school reunion hockey game and R proceeded to get completely gross with a pack of Skittles

12.28 - N and R play with their favorite toys (and N shaves most of his beard off!)

12.30 - N and R both come down with nasty colds- R brings all her toys into our bed

 12.31 - We rung in the new year with a win from the Avalanche!

Happy New Years! I hope 2014 will be the best yet!


  1. What an awesome post! It must have taken forever to put together, but I love it :).

    I also love that you're still picking up Hank for his photos.. you must have a strong back lol


    1. Yes it took days but it was so worth it just for me to look back on!
      And oh man, I think my days of picking Hank up might be numbered. He is a BEAST!