Subscriptions: Bonjor Jolie December 2013



I loved the festive tissue paper!


The "goods".

I wish I had gotten a better picture of the card (all my pics this month are a hot mess, sorry) but this cute confetti was handmade by the Etsy shop Pink Poodles of Paris!


The treats! Sweet Dreams hot coco mix (vegan and gluten free!), Ghirardelli chocolates, Steenland chocolate coins, and some peppermints!

The gift this month was a very fun jingle bell bracelet. It was jingling as soon as I picked up the package and I was excited to see what was making that noise. This bracelet is super cute and of sturdy construction. R immediately claimed this as her own and has been alternating wearing it and using it as a necklace/ crown on her stuffed animals.

The pampering goodies this month included the Advil and feminine wipes as always, plus a ton of other great stuff. The peppermint lip balm tasted amazing, and I love the concept of the lip scrub in a tube! You just lick it off after you rub it on and your lips are smooth and they taste good! The candles might have been my favorite thing in the box though because they smelled incredible! The scent is gingerbread and I didn't place it at first but boy is it delicious. I might order more of  these! And the face scrubby is another great pick. This one is from Sam's Crochet and although I already have a knit face scrubby I am glad to have another!

Another great month from Bonjour Jolie and as always I recommend it to everyone! Not only do you never have to go to the store for your time of the month products but you also get a bunch of great treats! And it's only $16 a month!


  1. I don't know much about this box, but I love the bracelet! Also, thank you for making the first pic fuzzy on your subscription box posts--I don't like to have subscriptions spoiled before I get my boxes. :)

    1. I don't like spoilers either! It kills me every month when I accidentally see Birchbox and Ipsy spoilers in my Bloglovin feed! And Bonjour Jolie sends you 30 period products every month (your choice of pads/ tampons/ liners) in whatever brand you want along with a bunch of fun stuff. I love it!

  2. You subscribe to the best boxes!!


    1. Thank you! I wish I had the money to sub to some of the really cool boxes but that will just have to wait until I win the lotto. ;)