This or That Tuesdays

This or That Link Up
Time for another fun edition of This or That!

This weeks questions are about holidays:
1. Halloween or Thanksgiving?
HALLOWEEN! Halloween is without question my favorite holiday ever. Although I do thoroughly enjoy eating Thanksgiving food.
2. Christmas or Your Birthday?
Now that I'm old and birthdays aren't as fun I'm going to say Christmas. Watching R get excited about Christmas is better than all the birthdays in the world.
3. Visiting Relatives or Your Relatives Visiting?
Luckily most of my family lives close by in Colorado, so I'll say visiting relatives because our house is too small (and 99% of the time too messy) to have guests.

4. Valentines Day or St. Patrick's Day?
I really enjoy Valentine's Day because duh, candy but St. Patrick's Day is my best friend's birthday and despite the craziness I usually go out for her birthday party (R in tow because I'm a terrible parent- I don't drink though.) My friend turned 21 while doing a semester abroad in Wales so I flew out there for her birthday and we flew to Ireland. It was pretty awesome to be in Dublin for St. Patrick's Day! There was lots of barf on the street though, so you know.

5. Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
Now that most websites have Black Friday sales I'll pick that. There's no way in hell I'd ever go out to a brick and mortar store on Black Friday, but this last year I bought a Dyson online.


  1. Halloween totally wins over Thanksgiving!

    #4..Ick I wouldn't be able to handle that. It would be awesome to celebrate a St. Patrick's day birthday in Ireland though :)


    1. Yeah it was a little too much for me, haha. I definitely had a lot of panic attacks on that trip!