Subscriptions: Skoshbox December 2013




Yuki No Yado Custard: I got these same rice cakes last month drizzled in frosting, and this month they are drizzled in custard. The information card describes it as "buttery" and I couldn't agree more. I don't love this combonation of sweet and savory but it's not terribly by any means. They definitely left me wanting something salty..

Bakauke Senbei in Nori: I love all the flavored crackers I get in this box and these delicious ones were no exception. Not everyone is into the taste of seaweed but the nori flavor on this crackers is really crisp, and not too fishy. If you enjoy sushi you would definitely enjoy these crackers.

Mini Senbei Mixi - Fried Mochi Crackers: I got lucky this month and avoided the cuttlefish flavor and this was actually very tasty. These little crackers were savory, with a nice sweet aftertaste. I really enjoyed them!

Haihain Cracker: Here's a true story. When R was just starting to eat solid foods I decided to go out and get her some Baby Mum Mum crackers. I gave her one and she hated it, and I was like, well dang what am I going to do with this entire box? So I ate every last one. They were pretty gross. Anyway, they reminded me of this cracker (it is intended for babies), but these aren't nearly as bad. They just taste like puffed rice.

Strawberry Kit Kat: I have always wanted to try one of the flavored Kit Kats they sell in other countries so I was so excited to see this. And let me tell you, it tasted FANTASTIC. The strawberry flavor was both sweet and a little bit sour so it wasn't too much. This was crazy delicious. I might have to order these on the internet!

Careme Soft Cookie in Chocolate: I am rarely disappointed in a cookie and this was no exception. It was moist, the chocolate was rich, but it was a bit crumbly trying to get it out of the package. It's a little to rich to warrant eating more than one, but I certainly enjoyed it. 

Mini Baum Roll: This little treat was a mix between a cookie and a little cake. It had a sweet milky cream flavor and reminded me of something Hostess would make (if they were still in business- which I think they are, or are they?!)

Cheese Almond Cracker: Cheese and almond? Why not! I was super into the pungent cheese that was on this cracker, but I'll admit that it paired very well with the almond.

Peanut Butter Stick: This was really interesting. It tasted like a stale rice crispy treat made with peanut butter instead of marshmallow. But I don't mean that in a bad way. I don't love the flavor of peanut butter (especially without jelly) but this was decent.

Juice Candies in Apple and Tangerine: Two delicious hard candies that had flavors true to their fruits. I wouldn't mind getting an entire bag of these sometime!

Kami Fuusen: The info card said this translates directly to "paper balloon" and well, that's exactly what it is! It's very cute, but very delicate and I had a hard time getting it to stay inflated. Skoshbox said they're only going to include snacks and candy in upcoming boxes which I think is sad because I love all the other goodies they've sent out. But that's ok because this is a super fun subscription!

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