This or That Tuesday?

Better late than never, right?

This or That Link Up
Time for another fun edition of This or That!

This weeks questions are about winter:

1. Fashionable snow boots, practical snow boots?

I live in Colorado where it's prone to snow 6 feet at any given time during the winter (and then be beautiful and sunny the next day) so my answer really should be practical snow boots. However those beauties above are the only boots I own and if I told you I haven't eaten shit in them on multiple occasions because of that damn heel then I would be lying. I really should get some practical snow boots (probably not made by Juicy Couture), but I'd rather just stay indoors and wear Uggs. ;)

2.  Hat or ear muffs?

Hats for sure. I just look silly in ear muffs and I like to have the top of my head covered.

3. Snowed in or playing out in the snow?

Snowed in! I hate being out in the snow with a passion. It's cold and wet which are two of my least favorite feelings ever.

4. Sledding or snow tubing?

I have to say sledding by default since I've never gone tubing, but I really do need to go tubing. When N was little his dad would get him tubes from semi truck tires and he'd go tubing on those. It sounds like it was a lot of fun and something he will probably do with R sooner or later.

5. Almost winter or Winter’s almost over?

WINTER'S ALMOST OVER!!! Winter is fun from November to December because of the holidays and then it's just a dreary crapfest. January-March is a really gross time of year here in Colorado and I wouldn't mind the season flipping to Spring as soon as the new year starts. I've got two words about late winter: black snow. Uggh.



  1. Your answers make me laugh, for someone living in Colorado where all I think of is snow covered mountains! Lol!! Thanks for linkin up!!

    1. The mountains are always gorgeous and snow covered, the suburbs, eh, not so much! ;)

  2. I vote stay in where its warm too :) That snow drift is terrible looking.. ick!


    1. Isn't that the worst? That is ever single parking lot come spring!

  3. Your soo funnY
    I am not a fan of winter either :( BOOOOOOOO

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I wish Christmas was in the summer!

  4. Omg black snow....ours is brown and so ugly like .3 seconds after it snows. Everyone pictures it to be so white and magical....I see brown and muddy and salt rust on my car...womp womp. Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Yes, same here! We don't use salt here but we use this substance called mag chloride and it makes me cringe so bad that it gets on my car! Luckily we have car washes on every other block!