Tuesday Troubles

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
- Ok, ok I know it's technically Christmas Eve and I shouldn't be troubled, but it's only 12:21am here and I haven't gone to sleep yet so I'm just going to say that right now doesn't count as Christmas Eve yet.
- I was going to make bacon infused vodka for my parents for Christmas, and I totally freaking forgot. I think I'll buy the supplies tomorrow and then set it up and tell them how to let it sit/ then serve. I dropped the ball on my family so bad.
- We also don't have gifts for N's nephews or little brother yet but since we're just going to get them all giftcards I'm not too worried. I have a pretty devious plot actually. Since Toys 'R Us sells video games, and you can use Babies 'R Us giftcards at Toys 'R Us, I want to get all the boys Babies 'R Us giftcards as a joke. N's big into pranks with his older brother and sister and I think this would be a crack up.
- We met up with some dear friends today who are home for Christmas and I got to hold their new four month old baby. He was just the sweetest thing and the trouble is that it makes me kind of sad I'm not going to have any more babies. It's not that I want any more babies- on the contrary I'd teleport my uterus out of my body this very instant if it was possible- it's just that I'm sort of mourning that I won't do it again and that my own experience with having a newborn was so terrible. :/

- Since N's been home since Saturday we've just been lazing around and making a huge mess. Seriously the house is a disaster, but when is it not? Tomorrow I've GOT to feel good enough to do some cleaning so that Santa doesn't get too grossed out and just go back up the chimney.

- You know what I really want for Christmas? Just one day without nausea. Just one day where I could eat and drink food and not feel like I need to be sitting next to a toilet. Just one day where I don't need to take any nausea meds, or deal with their unpleasant side effects. Just one day, ok Santa?!
That's all the complaining for now! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day!


  1. I am so, so sorry to hear about all the stomach issues you have been having. That has got to be extra bad during the holidays when there is already so much to be doing.

    I feel you on the cleaning.. our house was a mess too. I didn't want to decorate a messy house (and I didn't end up cleaning until the night before Christmas Eve) so our house didn't even get decorated until xmas Eve.. seriously lame.

    I love your gift card switch up idea! How did it go??


    1. Yeah it sucks when we're going over to other people's houses to eat because I'm usually sweating in panic and nausea and am miserable but have to keep it all in. At home I'm a total baby!
      (Our house is even more of a disaster now that we're all sick, haha!)
      And we haven't done the switch up yet because we haven't seen his nephews (they didn't come to Christmas morning and N's mom's house) but the next time we see them we'll give them to them! I'll keep you posted!