Halloween Decorating: Console & Coffee Tables

So can I talk about how cool my mother-in-law is for a minute? Last year she was at an estate sale and found five of these pieces of the Munster Halloween Village brand spanking new in their boxes! (I bought the Blood Bank myself off ebay.) She stored them for almost a year and gave them to me on my birthday. When I saw them my jaw just about dropped on the floor. I have been eying Halloween village pieces for years now, but have always been put off by the price and by how cheesy many of them look today. My parents do a Christmas village every year, and the last few years I have been in charge of putting them up, so tiny villages have a lot of sentimental value for me. And Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. So this was a beyond perfect gift!

And here is my Halloween Scentsy warmer in case you're interested. The warmer is actually from the Silhouette series, and if you remember, I have a cute bird cage wrap to go on it the rest of the year. I love how inexpensive the wraps are so that I can change out the style- especially for the holidays. Right now I'm burning "Autumn Wreath" and holy cow, it smells AMAZING. You know how fancy people simmer pots of spices to get their house smelling good? Well this smells just like that, except it's for people who really ought to stay out of the kitchen at all costs. I freaking love Scentsy. Thankfully N does too because our bank account does not!

You might remember this little vignette from my Bug Bouquet post. Wondering where all the bugs went? A certain toddler of questionable relation picked them off one by and one and shoved them into that skull. Oh and the best part? That's the second time she's done it. I'm over trying to fish the bugs out of that tiny opening so these flowers are staying bare for now.

This was another treasured Zulily purchase. The tree originally came with little ball ornaments in Halloween colors, but I decided to order these little vintage-looking ornaments to hang on it instead. I'm not 100% happy with having to put the tree here, but I just couldn't find a better place for it. In the future I think I'd like a life size Halloween tree, but I have a lot of convincing of N to do before then.

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