Subscriptions: Citrus Lane October 2013

R's Citrus Lane box came a few days ago but I've been to busy to make the post until now. I wish I had more subs for her because she gets SO excited when *her* box comes!

From left to right (ish): Ladybug magazine and coupon for a 3 month digital subscription, Hohner Kids Puppy Slide Flute,  Cloud b Dreamz To Go Octo in Pinkle and Good Boy Organics BOPS sea salt baked chips.

R's favorite item in the box was the puppy flute. She made me open it right away and was really excited to try it out. Of course, at first she didn't know she was supposed to blow into it, and instead screamed into it. But I showed her how to blow air with her mouth and she got the hang of it. She took this into her crib with her and I could hear her playing it for at least a half hour before going to sleep. Then when I started hearing it again I knew she had woken up. ;)


This light up octopus is SO cute! R has had the Cloud b classic Twilight Turtle since she was born, and we put it on for her ever night when she goes to sleep. She loves her new octopus and it projects both purple and red light.

We both enjoyed the chips! I am a huge chip fan but I HATE chips that are even a little greasy. These are baked so they weren't greasy at all, and the sea salt added a subtle but good flavor.

The box also came with punch out mustaches and ribbons in honor of breast cancer and men's health month. Reagan was very excited about her mustache- which she had to wear while playing her flute. She then had me tape the mustaches to her stuffed hippos, and that provided for at least an hour of hilarity.


  1. I did Citrus Lane for a few months...Jaycee just didn't seem too interested in what we were getting so i canceled. I may pick it up again in a few months when she's a tad older :)

    1. Reagan gets really, really excited about getting "her" own box since I get so many. It was a gift from my mom so I don't pay for it, but if I was paying for it I'd probably try out another service like Stork Stack. Did you know there's some companies that make boxes for pre-teens? I think your older daughter might like that!