Tuesday Troubles

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

- Ok, this is pretty bizarre, but last night I had a nightmare that 1) I was back in high school, 2) I was supposed to graduate but was a few credits short, 3) some kids I knew called me a loser, 4) said kids left sticky notes all over my car with mean things on them about my weight (they were calling me a "potato") and feminist beliefs(?!) What?? No part of that had anything to do with how my high school experience really went (I didn't even have a car!), but I woke up really bummed out. I'm being bullied by my own subconscious!

- I also had a dream that the Avs lost. I mean, I know they're going to eventually (probably soon) but really? Why am I dreaming about this sort of stuff?

- I'm still pretty upset about how our Pumpkin Patch experience went. I just want to feel better!

- Hank got neutered yesterday and the poor guy has been so uncomfortable! He spent the majority of yesterday evening making his loud puppy sighs non-stop which would have been sort of funny if it hadn't been so annoying. I'm so glad it's done now though!

- I didn't feel well last night (digestive issues of course) and fell asleep early on the bathroom floor. Now it's 7am and I am up WAY too early! My body never appreciates being up this early in the morning so I know I'll be paying for this in the afternoon.

- My hair is split end city! Seriously it's so gross and it's definitely my fault since I haven't trimmed my hair since April. Hopefully my neighbor won't mind giving me a quick trim!


  1. What time does Reagan usually get up? 7ish is normal for Em.

    1. Usually around 9 or 10. 8 if she went to sleep early. She usually stays up until 11-12 (we are terrible, terrible parents I know!) but my sleeping is so messed up it has to be this way for right now.