Thursday Thoughts

- I'm pretty sure I'm still full from dinner last night. My dad is out of town (and my mom's birthday is tomorrow but she's leaving to meet my dad in Chicago) so went to the Melting Pot. It's this fantastic fondue restaurant that is ridiculously expensive and my dad "is against it on principle" so we always go when he's out of town. :)

- I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 10.1 (wow that's a mouthful!) in the mail yesterday! And guess how much I paid for it? A whopping $1.13! My mom gets Office Depot rewards for purchases from my dads business and sometimes she gives them to me if the office doesn't need anything before the rewards expire. Well she had a buttload of rewards and I decided to finally bite the bullet and get a Galaxy. So far I'm enjoying actually being able to watch videos on it (yay for Flash!) but there's definitely more of a learning curve than there is on the iPad. I never thought I'd admit to ever liking an Apple product, but that iPad is pretty ok... (At least when I don't want to watch videos.)

- I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon for my thyroid and I'm anxious to see how it goes. I've been increasing my dose of thyroid meds by myself because I've been so desperate to feel better. Hopefully we get something worked out today and I can check this annoying issue off my list.

- Instead of going to bed at a decent hour last night, I stayed up and wrote reviews of all the Scentsy bars I own. I'm not affiliated with Scentsy in any way, except for being obsessed with it, so I did this more for me so I can remember which scents I like. I think I might put it up here for anyone curious. Now I want to order a bunch more bars!


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    1. Thank you so much! It went really, really well! :)

  2. I've never tried sentsy. I may be the last person on earth to do so! And the melting pot is great! Hope you enjoyed!