Nailed It: Candy Hands


Welcome to another edition of Nailed It! where I attempt Pinterest crafts with probably varying results. Up today are Halloween "candy hands" treats for trick-or-treaters!


Every year on Halloween my dad goes to all the local supermarkets and cleans out their selection of king sized candy bars. He lines them up on a table right inside his front door and lets trick-or-treaters pick whatever king sized candy they want. He's gotten quite the reputation, and despite buying hundreds of candy bars every year, he always runs out long before kids stop ringing the doorbell. N and I aren't nearly baller enough to go that big, but because we don't get very many trick-or-treaters at our house I decided I wanted to hand out something fun this year... (HA! HAND! GET IT?!)

It all started when I was at the grocery store and I saw the prices of the big bags of Halloween candy. They wanted around $17 a bag for the decent looking selections and my head just about exploded. There was no way I was going to spend that much on candy for other people. So I did the only sensible thing and went to the dollar store and spent about 4x as much on candy...

I tried to find candy that looked small enough to stuff into gloves, and I also grabbed some of those fun plastic figures. Everything was only $1 so I really couldn't help myself.

To make the stuffing process easier I dumped some of my bags of candy into a big bucket and mixed it around so I could grab handfuls and get a good variety. I decided to wait on the bigger candy bars until all the smaller stuff was gone, because they wouldn't be as easy to fit into the gloves.

I bought 3 packs of these disposable gloves from the dollar store, and each packet had 10 gloves. $3 for 30 gloves doesn't seem like a bad deal to me!


Each glove got a pack of Smarties in each finger, and then I stuffed the rest with 20-25 pieces of smaller candy, and put in 2 plastic figures so that they'd be visible through the gloves. I tied them off with some red curling ribbon, and then added on two rings (since I had so many- I added another ring after taking this picture.)

I was able to fill all 30 gloves and still have $16 of candy left over to eat myself give to trick-or-treaters RETURN. I hope that I don't run out of these too soon in the night! This will probably be the year we get an unexpected amount of trick-or-treaters just because, but we never stay long to hand out candy ourselves because we like to take R out. These last few years I've put out a bowl with a "take one" sign and have always been surprised to still find candy in it when we got home. I may or may not have dumped a few "take one" bowls into my pillow case when I was little... ;)


  1. What an adorable idea!!! I almost wish I would have thought of this myself!!


  2. WAIT. That's awesome!!! love it!!!!